When a Dog Collar is Not Just a Way to Leash Your Pup

The Size, Material and Hardware is Important in Dog Collar Comfort...

When considering what type of dog collar, you should get for your fur baby, look at the width, material and clasp that fits you and your doggie’s lifestyle and habits. Collars for dogs usually come in metal, nylon or leather. So, which is best?

Metal dog collars

Used for training or a particularly strong, large dog, the “pinch” collar can be helpful in letting your dog know who is boss. The metal prongs that gently dig into his or her neck when they pull, will make them relax their stance so you will not lose your balance.
The negative side to these metal collars, is that it becomes too easy to continue to use it, past the time your dog is properly trained to “heel.” Some say these pinch collars are cruel. They are not, but they can be overused if a dog owner does not take time to do the proper training with their fur partner.

Nylon collars for dogs

The most typical pet collar is made from nylon material that is interfaced for stiffness. The wider the collar, the more comfortable it will be on your pup’s neck. Also, be sure to measure your doggie’s neck with a tape measure and add 3 inches in both directions to the collar length. In other words, a dog with a 22 inch neck should have a collar that is 20 to 24 inches in adjustable length. The materials range from a pretty ribbon overlay that has stripes and other designs woven into it all the way to damask, designer materials made for an elegant look. Pet collar designers and manufacturers have become so clever and unique that the choice is almost limitless.

Leather Collars

Leather is much more durable in dog collar material. Flat or rounded leather designs for leather dog collars add distinction to your pooch’s neckwear wardrobe. Leather now comes in a variety of colors, as well as grades of leather softness to toughness. Leather needs to be kept supple and clean, as well as dry for it to last a long time. Also, be aware that leather is an attractive chew toy material for pups! Some of the most luxurious leather collars have distinguished buckle fasteners of precious metal like silver or gold that is engraved. Other leather collars, made from actual football or baseball leather with authentic stitching gives a dog that classy sports fan look!

Fasteners, pricing and maintenance for dog collars

Metal dog collars have a hook mechanism to either unhook and rehook or slip over your dog’s head. Nylon flat collars have snap clasps that are easy to click on and off. Leather collars, because of their weight often have buckles or specialized metal clasps.

The cost of each type collar depends upon quality, material and length. However, metal and leather collars tend to be more expensive. The range can be from bargain $3.00 to $100’s depending upon how much you wish to decorate your doggie’s neck!

Maintenance for metal collars is minimal requiring a simple wash off with water if they happen to become soiled. Nylon collars can be spot cleaned with water and mild soap. Leather collars need to be kept dry, so cleaning with a special leather soap is best, with immediate drying.

No matter which collar you choose for your doggie-love, make it a comfortable one that also holds their ID, vaccination and any other personalized tags on the D-ring! Consider your canine best buddy’s collar as seriously as you would jewelry for your own neck!