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Welcome to Doggie Diva! 12 Years Online, Still Going & Growing Strong!!!

The Doggie Diva Dog Boutique provides a variety of luxury pet products like designer dog clothes, luxury pet carriers, personalized dog collars, pet beds, fun toys & other amazing puppy dog apparel & accessories. Pretty, sporty and unique luxury pet products plus personalized service rolled all into one awesome, chic, online puppy doggy boutique!

Doggie Diva, a specialty dog boutique online specializing in luxury products for pets plus personalized customer service!

Our online doggie boutique offers everything luxury, sporty and pretty for pets from adorable pet clothing, sports products for dogs, doggie collars, puppy dog strollers, antler chews, extensive dog carrier collections and other fun & trendy pets products for dogs.  Video reviews, doggie boutiques discount codes and coupons and lots and lots of free shipping deals and puppy product specials!

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Luxury Puppy Dogs Products & Pet Supplies for Dogs Big news...

Our doggie boutique is now featuring our own line of custom rhinestone bling dog collars. We are also home of the BIGGEST & BADDEST antlers for dogs, on the market today: The Ultimate Bone for Dogs! Exciting doggie boutiques products and accessories plus personalized advice, how can you go wrong? Every item in our luxury dog shop has been hand selected for quality, usability, pampering and attractiveness. Purse style pup carriers, strollers & joggers for pets, brands including Kwigy-Bo, Jaraden, Petote, Doggles and many more. Soft puppia harnesses, NCAA college products for pups, NFL, MLB, toys, designer beds, jewelry for pets, indestructible dog toys, studly bow ties & collar flowers, personality bandanas and so much more!

From Our Puppy Doggy Boutique Blog...

Rhinestone Custom Dog Collars Are Perfect for Doggie Stars!

Rhinestone Custom Dog Collars Are Perfect for Doggie Stars!

Give Doggie the Gift of Luxurious Rhinestone Custom Dog Collars

Is your precious fur baby (or adult) the star in the movie of your life? Well then, treat him or her to a bit of bling that proudly announces their status!
Rhinestone Dog Collars come in many looks at the Doggie Diva Dog Boutique. We have our own line of personalized name collars that are put together for you just the way you want! Here’s how!

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5 Reasons Having Two Dogs is Better Than Having Just One

5 Reasons Having Two Dogs is Better Than Having Just One

Why having two dogs makes a happy household of fur companions

Our fearless leader at the Doggie Diva Dog Boutique introduced a new puppy to her already well-trained and loving Australian Shepherd. Little Kya is a girl, like Rain, so they are like big and little sister in the household canine status. I have two dogs also, the second that was introduced to our mature 7-year-old male mixed Golden Lab...

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Doggie Carriers in Classic Black and Why We Love Them

Doggie Carriers in Classic Black and Why We Love Them

Kwigy-Bo Alex Patent Croc Dog CarrierWhy We Love Dogs Carriers in Classic Black 

Black is always in for dogs carriers -- see what Kwigy-Bo, Jaraden and Petote have to offer your doggie fashion sense with the designer doggie carriers we carry. Black is classic and timeless and Doggie Diva has many great black dog carrier choices for you...

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