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Purse Dog Carriers: Luxury Pet Carriers for Dogs at Doggie Diva..

Upscale, luxury purse dog carriers are specifically crafted to look like the designer handbags you have come to love for yourself, with the same quality, functionality and fashion sense. With features like extra pockets to carry treats, medicines or your incidentals and interior padding that cuddles your dog, these airline approved dog purses are just the ticket for travel.Enjoy choosing from so many colors and finishes from our carefully chosen group of pet purse designers that you can match your own handbag collection, travel bags or your pet’s personality! What's wrong with dog travel in style? Luxury purse dog carriers for pets, nothing wrong with that!!!

Purse Dog Carriers

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The Katie Bag in Black
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Luxury Purse Dog Carriers for Pets are Sure To Turn Heads without Knowing Your Pup Is Inside!

Our pet purse dog carriers include collections from BK Atelier, Kwigy-Bo, The Dog Squad, PetoteHello Doggie, Doggie Design, Jaraden, JCLA and many more. Many of the dog purse carriers look like luxury purses for dogs.

If you are hooked on Chanel with the classic quilted exterior and woven handles, then Kwigy-Bo, The Dog Squad and Petote have the same iconic look in dog purse carriers. With colors like, black, brown, pink, silver, gold and camo, these quilted pet carrier beauties will become your favorite go-to style when you and your toy or small doggie are ready to hit the road!

All similar, the Kwigy-Bo Alex dog carrier, the beautiful Alex Luxe purse carrier, the Petote Marlee bag and the Porsha dog purse carrier have the classic and signature look of a Chanel bag, as mentioned above. All four of these dog purse carriers have a few great features in common. They all have roll up windows on the side, all are soft sided carriers, airline approved for dog travel, fully conceal your furry friend, are light weight on the dog owners shoulder and most of all, each one of these designer dog carriers looks like a luxury women's purse!

Dog Purse Carriers Give the Look of an Expensive Women's Purse but Provide the Convenience of Carrying Your Dog Instead!

Other exterior dog purse carrier finishes include pet friendly faux leathers, croc, gator and fur with the plushest of interior linings that include a removable faux fur or micro-suede pad that can be cleaned. Thanks again to Kwigy-Bo, Petote and the Dog Squad, these ultra-fashionable purses for dogs also have comfortable drop length handles for carrying in your hand or on your shoulder. Extra pockets and, of course, vent windows help you and your furry partner travel on airplanes and through crowds with ease.

The tote bag style pet carriers are another hit among little dogs and their human best friends with the BK Atelier eco-friendly vegan exterior finishes that are perforated for all around ventilation. With a removable interior liner, the airy purse can carry your precious pooch to the beach or pool as well as to the Mall. The Petote Metro line of dog totes is another fabulous way to pack your tail wagger for shopping, walking or riding trips with the designer exterior material in many choices of colors, along with signature hardware and strap handles for versatile toting.

So Many Different Designer Dog Purse Styles to Choose From...

The Soho style purse for pets from Mia Michelle is not only elegant but also very comfortable for your riding fuzzy companion. Made in faux pebble leather, the plush interior pad keeps your four-pawed small pal cozy while extra pockets hold other items you may need to carry along for the trip.

Sling carriers are another pet purse choice for pet owners. Dog slings are usually good for smaller dogs up to 10 pounds. Sling dog carriers are pretty, convenient and easy to travel hands free with. Fold it up and stick it in your suitcase, lay it easily on your car seat, walk around a pet expo or while shopping so your furry friend can be part of the action. There are many dog purse manufacturers that make all sorts of cute pet slings, Doggie Diva sells many of them.

Ultra Luxury Purse Dog Carriers Are Nothing To Pass By...

One of our dog slings favorites you ask? For ultra luxury, check out the "Victorian Luxury Dog Sling" by Hello Doggie. Comes in three great colors (pink, white and black) and is just stunning on. For a more sporty/causal dog sling purse look, the Camouflage dog sling carrier would be a great choice.

While the purses come in many different colors such as leopard and cuddle bunny, the size is the most important aspect for your pooch to be comfortable. To determine your pup's size, you need to use a tape measure and record his or her chest size, length along the spine and length from leg to leg. Record the measurements and compare them to each purse's size chart.

While dog purse carriers come in many different colors such as leopard and cuddle bunny, the size is the most important aspect for your pooch to be comfortable. To determine your pup's size, you need to use a tape measure and record his or her chest size, length along the spine and length from leg to leg. Record the measurements and compare them to each purse's size chart.

Most Important When Considering Dog Purse Carrier for Your Pup

Chest: This is the most important Puppy Bag Carrier measurement. Wrap the tape measure around your dog's girth from just behind the forelegs, at the widest part of the chest/rib cage. Spine Length: Measure the distance between the base of the dog's neck and the base of the tail for the spine length. Leg-to-Leg Length: Measure the distance between the front of the foreleg and the front of the hind leg.

In order to get the correct size dog carrier purse for your pup, The Doggie Diva dog boutique suggests the following... find out the full dimensions of the dog carrier bag you are interested in. Many times online, different online dog carrier sites are selling the same pet carrier but each lists different carrier dimensions. If you have any small dog carrier (or large dog carrier) questions, please contact us about sizing before placing your order.

Next we suggest taking any object/objects in your house (you can use cardboard, roll up towels, paper, etc...) and lay them out on the floor to the carrying bag's dimensions length and width wise. Place your pup in that area and see if there is enough room for your dog. Would your puppy dog be comfortable in that space. Put something else next to your small animal to see if the dog shoulder bag is tall enough? Can your dog sit comfortably at that height? If all your answers are yes, then this is the right dimensions that will work best for your dog and his or her possible new pet bag.

Tote Carrier Purses - A Pet Sling That Looks Like a Luxury Dog Purse?

Tote carriers, pet slings travel tote shoulder bag, carrier designed for cats, etc... whatever the designer dog carrier of your choice is, you want to make sure you can be comfortable carrying your dog, cat, puppy or any other pet, comfortably and hand's free. Being a good pet parent is important and so is choosing the correct luxury pet carrier for dogs!

So many luxury and designer dog carriers that look like purses, so much color and variety…just contact us or give a shout out for assistance when you need advice about which purse dog carrier will fit you and your fur baby to a tee! Hey, luxury purse dog carriers for cats too, why not??? Woof Woof, Meow!