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Welcome to our discount dog stroller boutique where we provide you with tons and tons of high quality, pretty, practical pet strollers at great discount prices, and many free pet stroller shipping offers.  Come inside and take a look around at all of our dog strollers and dog joggers that we have to offer. From a lightweight stroller for pets, to a large dog stroller or jogger, and even to car seat/carrier/stroller combos, we have some great pet strollers for dogs to show you. But first, we have a few simple questions to ask you about... Are you on the fence as to whether or not you should get a stroller for your dog? Pet strollers actually have many benefits that you can enjoy. Our strollers for dogs are unmatched. Besides being high-quality, Doggie Diva also keeps prices low, so you can enjoy your large dog strollers or small dog strollers for cheap. Here are other benefits that you can receive when you buy our strollers for dogs.

Pet Strollers for Dogs

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Pet Strollers for Dogs Make for Easy Pet Transit

One of the best reasons to buy a dog stroller is that moving your dog around has never been easier. Our pet strollers can hold any size dog. So, if you need large dog strollers or small dog strollers, we have you covered. No longer do you have to worry about your dog walking all over the place and tripping you up with their leash. You can safely place them in our strollers for dogs and push them around.

Curb Anxiety

For smaller dogs, in particular, they can experience a lot of anxiety in new places. New people and new dogs can cause them to bark, shake, or even become aggressive. If you just want to take a nice stroll with your dog and not have to worry about anything happening, then using our pet strollers can be a great method. Your dog will be safely secured inside of the stroller. They'll also be higher up than any approaching dog, so they can feel a bit safer. Some dog strollers also come with the option to blackout screens, so they can't see outside. This can be a great purchase for those who have dogs with extreme anxiety issues.Using pet strollers is a great way to reduce anxiety in your dog when out on a walk.

The Best Pet Strollers for Dogs

While it's nice to walk your dog on the sidewalk in the summer, you could actually be causing them out of pain. Our dog strollers remove any accidental paw injuries by securing them in a stroller instead. Whether you need large dog strollers or small dog strollers, we have products that can fit your dog and keep them safe. You should never let your dog walk on the sidewalk if the temperature is high. They can burn their paws in seconds. Simply bring your dog to a grass-filled park in a stroller to keep them safe on the journey there.

The Best Pet Strollers for Dogs

Does your dog tend to have a nasty disposition towards strangers and other dogs? Perhaps this is why you keep your dog inside. You shouldn't have to do that. Our pet strollers allow you to take your dog outside and see the outside world. Because they're in the best dog strollers possible, you can be sure they'll remain safely inside while strangers pass you.This allows you to treat your dog just like any other dog. No longer will they need to remain cooped up in the house or just the yard.

Try Our Pet Strollers for Dogs Today

Before you go on your next walk, give our dog strollers a chance. Whether you need large dog strollers or smaller, we have what you need for a safe and easy walk down the sidewalk. Keep your pet safe and looking stylish with our strollers for dogs. Try one today. Large dog strollers, pet strollers for dogs and dog joggers are a great way to take your fur partner of any size or age along with you... How would you like to push your dog around in something pretty and/or sporty, well made and easy to maneuver? Like the idea of combo pet strollers where your pup stroller, backpack & car seat are all in one? PetZip large dog strollers, have you seen them? Are you looking for a puppy stroller for pets in pink, blue or even red? Do you have multiple animals or one great big large one who might be hurt and/or can't walk well or may just be lazy? Love a good sale? If your answer was yes to any of the questions, then you have come to the right place. Now, let us help you find the right doggie stroller for you and your pup! And don't forget personalized customer service guaranteed to make you happy you chose Doggie Diva for your all of your pet stroller needs!!! Designer, luxury and classic brands like PetZip, PetGear, Gen 7 and many more are added every day!

The Best Dog Strollers for Your Favorite Pooch

Everyone loves taking their dog out for a walk. However, there are certain times when you may wish that you could just transport your dog instead. If you want to receive all of the exercises that walking your dog can provide without the hassle of actually walking your dog, then you may want to try out our pet strollers. At Doggie Diva, we provide high-quality large dog strollers and smaller dog strollers. Here's everything you need to know about our pet strollers.

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Why You Need a Pet Stroller

Jogging strollers and dog strollers provide plenty of benefits for pet owners. Some of the most popular are:

  • - Reduce dog anxiety when on a walk
  • - Protect dog's feet from extreme temperatures
  • - To keep your dog rested
  • - Prevent dog interaction with other dogs and people
  • - To get them out and about when they are elderly or recovering from an illness or operation

When you place your dog inside one of our dog strollers, you're basically taking control of the situation when you go on a walk. Without a stroller, your dog is in control. They can pull you anywhere they want to go. If they want to use the bathroom in someone's yard while you're walking by, then you can't stop them.

If they want to lunge at other dogs or people as you pass them by, then you can't easily keep them from doing so. Walking can become a hassle.


With our strollers for dogs, you can avoid those problems. Safely and comfortably placed inside of our jogging strollers, you can push your dog along the sidewalk and enjoy peace as you receive your exercise. Once you arrive at a park, you can easily take your dog out and let them walk around with a bit more freedom.


Our pet strollers make walking dogs just that much easier and worry-free.

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Why You Need to Try Our Pet Strollers

While there are other strollers for dogs out there, you need the best. That's why you should try our pet strollers. We have both large dog strollers and strollers for dogs who are smaller. All of our large dog strollers are built with quality in mind. You can be sure that your larger dog will be safe and secure inside of it.


Our jogging strollers make jogging even easier.

Try the Best Dog Strollers Today

Keep your dog safe and calm the next time you're out walking. Try our stroller!


Doggie Safety Tip*** Some dogs are friendly and approachable in any situation, but other breeds and personality types do not do as well in large crowds or public spaces. While it may seem strange,dog strollers can actually help reduce your dog's anxiety and ease him into new situations.

Canine anxiety isn't limited to any particular breeds, but small dogs seem to be more prone to the condition than their larger counterparts. The stereotypical "shaky" dog is the Chihuahua, not exactly known for its large size, but there is a benefit to their size as well -- they can fit in small dog strollers!

You may not consider yourself the type to get dog strollers, but it could actually help your pet. If your dog is prone to anxiety in large crowds or around any new people, pet strollers allow you to ease your dog into the situation without causing too much stress.

Why does your dog get stressed? There are two major sources of canine anxiety: separation and over-stimulation. The first occurs when you leave for work or to go anywhere without your dog and in response, your dog freaks out and causes destruction and even injury. The other is what causes the most anxiety outside the home. Dogs have a heightened sense of smell and hearing, so you may underestimate how much your dog actually experiences when you take him out to an unfamiliar place with lots of people. So many smells fill the air and sounds can be heard -- many dogs love all the excitement, but for smaller dogs or breeds prone to anxiety, this can be more like a nightmare.

small and large Dog strollers can help by providing a layer of protection to your dog when you take him out. He can still see out, if you let him, and can have the protective screen lowered so no one will reach into pet him without asking. By giving your dog a hiding spot from all the people, he may grow more accustomed to public places and events. Pet strollers have the added advantage of being useful for many years, especially when compared to human baby strollers, which are quickly outgrown.

In order to help your anxious dog, place him in the pet stroller and go on short walks regularly around your neighborhood. Your dog needs to know that a stroller is a safe place. Cats and dogs often avoid their crates because the only time they go in them is on trips to the veterinarian and they remember that.

After you have established with your dog that the pet stroller is safe, take him to a small public event or place, like a busy park or a barbecue with friends. Keep the stroller nearby but after a while, you can try putting him on a leash and collar to see if he does better. If it is an enclosed area, you can just leave the pet stroller open so he can hop out whenever he feels comfortable.