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Pet Strollers for Dogs

Pet Strollers for Dogs

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Strollers and Joggers for Pets

Welcome to our discount dog stroller boutique where we provide you with tons and tons of high quality, pretty, practical pet strollers at great discount prices, and many times free shipping. Come inside and take a look around at all of our dog strollers and dog joggers for pets that we have to offer. From a lightweight stroller for pets, to a large dog stroller or jogger, and even to car seat/carrier/stroller combos, we have some great pet strollers for dogs to show you. But first, we have a few simple questions to ask you about...

Dog strollers and joggers are a great way to take your fur partner of any size or age along with you...

How would you like to push your dog around in something pretty and/or sporty, well made and easy to maneuver? Like the idea of combo pet strollers where your pup stroller, backpack & car seat are all in one? Ever hear of PetZip dog jogging strollers? Are you looking for a pink, blue or even red? Do you have multiple animals or one great big large one who might be hurt and/or can't walk well or may just be lazy? Love a good sale? If your answer was yes to any of the questions, then you have come to the right place. Now, let us help you find the right doggie stroller for you and your dog! And don't forget personalized customer service guaranteed to make you happy you chose Doggie Diva for your all of your Pet Stroller needs!!! Designer, luxury and classic brands like Pet Zip, Pet Gear, Gen 7 and many more are added every day!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Doggie Safety Tip*** Some dogs are friendly and approachable in any situation, but other breeds and personality types do not do as well in large crowds or public spaces. While it may seem strange, dog strollers can actually help reduce your dog's anxiety and ease him into new situations.

Canine anxiety isn't limited to any particular breeds, but small dogs seem to be more prone to the condition than their larger counterparts. The stereotypical "shaky" dog is the Chihuahua, not exactly known for its large size, but there is a benefit to their size as well -- they can fit in small dog strollers!

You may not consider yourself the type to get dog strollers, but it could actually help your pet. If your dog is prone to anxiety in large crowds or around any new people, pet strollers allow you to ease your dog into the situation without causing too much stress.

Why does your dog get stressed? There are two major sources of canine anxiety: separation and over-stimulation. The first occurs when you leave for work or to go anywhere without your dog and in response, your dog freaks out and causes destruction and even injury. The other is what causes most anxiety outside the home. Dogs have a heightened sense of smell and hearing, so you may underestimate how much your dog actually experiences when you take him out to an unfamiliar place with lots of people. So many smells fill the air and sounds can be heard -- many dogs love all the excitement, but for smaller dogs or breeds prone to anxiety, this can be more like a nightmare.

Dog strollers can help by providing a layer of protection to your dog when you take him out. He can still see out, if you let him, and can have the protective screen lowered so no one will reach in to pet him without asking. By giving your dog a hiding spot from all the people, he may grow more accustomed to public places and events. Pet strollers have the added advantage of being useful for many years, especially when compared to human baby strollers, which are quickly outgrown.

In order to help your anxious dog, place him in the pet stroller and go on short walks regularly around your neighborhood. Your dog needs to know that the stroller is a safe place. Cats and dogs often avoid their crates because the only time they go in them is on trips to the veterinarian and they remember that.

After you have established with your dog that the pet stroller is safe, take him to a small public event or place, like a busy park or a barbecue with friends. Keep the stroller nearby but after a while, you can try putting him on a leash and collar to see if he does better. If it is an enclosed area, you can just leave the pet stroller open so he can hop out whenever he feels comfortable.