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Custom & Personalized Dog Collars For Your Pets

When your dog’s name deserves to be in lights, get the next best thing with rhinestone personalized dog collars from the Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique! We have beautiful custom dog collars made from classic materials to add customized and personalized names; letters, initials, or sayings to match your doggie’s glamorous personality. Still can't decide if you want to buy a customized rhinestone bling dog collar for your pet? Well, we can help you make your decision. Our personalized rhinestone dog name collar is not only personalized with your dog's name but has adorable charms to go alongside and make your pup stand out in the crowd.

We Can Personalize Your Dog Collars To Have Your Pet’s Name On Them

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Dog Name Collars That We Design For You

Imagine your dude or diva’s name on the collar in rhinestone blingy shine with an added charm or two or three to give an iconic flair to your fur baby’s style! When you buy personalized rhinestone dog collars for your pet from Doggie Diva, you get to choose from hearts, skulls, bones, peace symbols, paws, crown, or flower charms. In fact, you may be so envious of your four-legged partner’s neckwear, you will need to visit the jeweler to get one for yourself! Let us help you with your design elements…we have a lot of experience with people who love to pamper their pets! We can help you decide upon a clever phrase, such as “drama diva” or “mommy's girl.” Spaced with an adorable bling heart or peace symbol. Then there are the tough guys who might want their name emblazoned across the collar, such as “The King” or “Stud Muffin!”. Our personalized dog collars in bright rhinestone bling are fun, cool and will turn heads for sure!

Bling Dog Collars with a Custom Twist

We promise you will not be able to resist having too much fun when you design your doggie’s custom dog name collar that we put together for you! They say “every dog has its day” so why not make your puppy-love’s day special every time you two are seen together! Our custom dog collars and personalized rhinestone name collar sizing goes from necks measuring between 6 inches up to 24 inches, so there are no excuses for letting little sweetpeas’s or big furry barker’s necks go naked!

Dog Collars with Style

Like the look of snakeskin? How about some pretty glitter with your bling? With so many fun styles and colors to choose from, Doggie Diva's snake skin bling dog collars will not disappoint, we promise!!! Red, gray, black, baby blue, soft pink and hot pink dog collars with your dog's name in shinny rhinestones will NEVER disappoint!!! Our personalized rhinestone dog collars from Kinley Collars are an amazing way to let your dog stand out in the crowd, for sure, woof!!! Give your dog's collar a special touch with personalized and custom dog collars from doggie-diva.com

Does everyone always think your little girl is a little boy? With our custom dogs name collars spelling out their name in bling on pretty and colorful collars, there will be no mistakes, trust us! Have a big dog and can never find anything fun for him or her? Check out our large personalized dog collars as well, you will love them!