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We are the largest retailer of Jaraden Carriers. These high-end, purse style dog carriers are known for quality in construction and impeccable style to make fashionable purses that double as pet carriers or even double dog carriers. The styles include the Le Petite Mon Ami Pet Carrier, the Windsor (100% leather), the Soho, the Getaway, the Shacara, the Mon Ami Kennel and Cambridge. If you love high quality designer looking handbags, want to be able to have a lot of extra storage for your own items as well as your canines' and are looking for impeccable quality, design and features, then Jaraden may be the right carry bag line for you!!! 

Jaraden Dog Carriers

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Jaraden Dog Carriers & Pet Kennels are Truley Special...

And. if you are more of a visual type person and like to see things in person, we can offer you the next bet thing. Most of our Jaraden bags have their own video reviews, which really seem to help customers make decisions. Can't find one on our shop that you just need to watch? Then take a look on YouTube online, you can usually find the video reviews there as well. Need help making your decision if this line and any of it's bags are right for you? If so, please call, text or email us anytime and a carrier specialist can help you with personalize advice.


Doggie Care Tip*** Dogs and other pets have a pretty uncomplicated life thanks to their generous owners. They get carried in dog carriers and have all their needs provided for -- find out why dogs have it made, whether their owners are famous or are just regular people.

Well kept pets are some of the happiest creatures you can find, and while not all dogs and cats are treated well in the world, many of them find themselves living quite a luxurious lifestyle. After all, not many people have a dedicated person to clean up their messes, put out tasty food and pay for room and board. There are a whole list of reasons why many pets are better off than some people!

Dog carriers are one of those reasons. High quality or designer dog carriers are lined with soft fabric that will keep any dog warm and comfortable. While most big dogs cannot fit into the designer carriers, small dogs and cats get quite a luxurious ride, even if the top is closed (though many dogs like to poke their head out to see where their owner is taking them). Even dog crates are often lined with travel beds or a soft blanket to ensure the ride is as comfy as possible.

Even some of the most famous and prestigious celebrities and politicians wish they could swap places with their own pets. Along with all that fame and glory is the stress and expectations, but the pets of those well-to-do people get to enjoy the luxury without any of the stress. However, dogs are often sympathetic to the feelings of their owners and will carry some of that stress without knowing what is behind it.

Some celebrities even make their pets famous, having their small dogs accompany them everywhere in public. More than one dog has been caught on camera with their famous owners and there are even blogs dedicated to spotting these lucky pets.

For owners that don't have much however, their dogs likely don't notice the difference. One of the reasons dogs are considered man's best friend is they are happy as long as they are fed and given some attention. Even sleeping on hardwood floors or a bare carpet, dogs are fairly easy to please, especially Labradors and other similar breeds.

Providing a soft place to sleep or to travel is a simple way for an owner to spoil a dog. The product will also last a long time and be useful when going on a road trip or flying, although not all dog carriers are airline approved. For a little more money, a designer dog carrier can also make you look more stylish while providing a cozy spot for your dog.