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Dogs will make almost anything into a toy, so our motto at Doggie Diva is to be sure the toys for pets are fun, lasting and good for your canine or feline buddy. We found dog toys and games that fit all sizes, breeds, and ages for both you and doggie to enjoy. Our pet fun collection includes a super cool, bark worthy collection of plush toys for dogs, that are made with quality from dog-friendly materials. Brain dog games and puzzles for pets are something great to keep your dog happy, healthy and mentally stimulated. We even carry eco-friendly and organic dog toys! Have you searched for tough & indestructible dog toys? Do you need soft toys for your teething puppy? Are you training your best buddy for agility, show ring or field competition? Does your Retriever or Spaniel head straight for the water and want to try a dog pool toy? Are your shoes and other fancy accessories a target for your puppy in the chewing phase?

Doggy Toys for Pets

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Grrrona Beer Dog Toy - 1
Grrrona Beer Dog Toy
From $11.50
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Puptron Tequila Plush Toy - 1
Pawda Bag Dog Toy - 1
Pawda Bag Dog Toy
From $11.50

Treat your fur partner to fun, plush dog toys, tough dog toys, designer dog toys…

We have designer dog toys to keep your active and busy pooch from getting into trouble because they are bored.

Balls, rope and Frisbees are typical objects for training and entertaining active dogs that like to do running, jumping, retrieving and tugging activities. Add materials that are meant to last, bright colors that interest your pet and shapes that are a challenge to your tail-wagger’s collection and you will have a happy companion. We have a rope and tug toys for teaching your dog to play well with others. Indestructible and tough dog toys give your big chewer and grabber a way to exercise those jaws. Plush dog toys are great for teethers and snugglers. Plush dog toys, tough dog toys, designer dog toys, Pool toys, and Frisbees are available in interesting colors and textures that are also eco-friendly.

Dog trainers, the American Kennel Club and Veterinarians all recommend using the right toys for the right reasons and training. At the Doggie Diva Dog Boutique, we take pride in the quality and durability of our plush dog toys, tough dog toys, designer dog toys, and game selection. Small to large breeds; puppies to mature canines and lapdogs to sporting groups will all benefit when you give them the proper objects to encourage good behavior, exercise, and training. Evaluate your furry best friend’s age, size, personality and exercise requirements, and then choose from our very large collection of just right toys at always discount and sale prices! We cannot think of a better way to enjoy bonding with your favorite four-legged partner!