Reasons to Give Your Doggie a Valentine’s Dog Collar, Flower or Bow Tie

Reasons to Give Your Canine a Valentine’s Doggie Flower, Collar, or Bow Tie
You know you can always count on one Valentine in February and every day! Your dog’s unconditional love deserves a reward, so get a special Valentine’s doggie collar, add a flower or bow tie accessory and you will have the most stylish date in town! Here are three reasons you will want to have a date with your doggie for Valentine’s Day…week…or month!

Reason Number One - Drop Hints

Is your special someone oblivious to what month it is or how important Valentine’s Day is? Then dress your furry best friend in the Hearts in Red Pet Collar ($16.50). This cute doggie collar’s rich red background dotted with white hearts can spark a reminder to your human partner. The durable yet soft pet collar is available in four sizes to fit the smallest Miniature pup 5” neck to the largest big dog 26” neck! The soft cotton canine collar is made with designer fabric and heavy duty interfacing, so your FiFi or Fido can wear it comfortably for any occasion. You can quickly snap the designer pet collar on your fur baby’s neck anytime your true love is near. The pretty red hearts collar will certainly set the stage for gift-giving hints.

Reason Number Two: Attract like-minded soulmates

Have you noticed how you and your doggie almost always attract other dog lovers to stop and pet your pup while strikingup a conversation with you? Add the Hearts in Red DoggieFlowerCollar ($13.50) to FiFi’s collar and you will get attention from other dog lovers who cannot resist stopping to chat. Or add the Hearts in Red Dog Bow Tie ($19.50) to the Valentine doggie collar and watch heads turn as you walk your best fur boy in the park.

Reason Number Three: Show the world how loveable you are!

When you care enough to treat your beloved doggie to a special Valentine’s doggie collar, you say to the world…I am a caring and loveable person! Since February is the month of love, spruce up your pet’s wardrobe with all things red and white. The Seersucker in Red Dog Collar ($16.50) is perfect for February and all other months! You can add the Seersucker in Red Doggie Collar Flower ($13.50) for a girly dog. The soft doggie collar flower has a pretty red and white striped design in the petals that are handmade in machine washable cotton fabric. An adjustable loop that includes a strong Velcro strip attaches the flower to 1" dog collars. The Seersucker in Red Dog Bow Tie ($19.50) is also a stylish touch for the doggie collar when you want to take your pup around to parties, the office or concerts. Mr. Dog in his sporty bow tie will be the talk of the town and you will be admired for your love and attention to your doggie buddy.

The designer dog collars and accessories found at the Doggie-diva Dog Boutique are not just another cheap dog collar. Each collar, flower and bow tie are made in the USA with special attention to quality in the material and stitching. February 14th is only three weeks away, so get your Hearts in Red or Seersucker in Red Valentine’s Dog Collar on the way to your door.

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