How to Give the Gift That Loves You Back - Adopting Dogs for Christmas

How to Give the Gift That Loves You Back - Adopting Dogs for Christmas


We've all heard the tale of a family giving a child a puppy for Christmas and we know that these stories can end with another dogster sent to the pound. No one wants to give a gift that won't be cherished, especially at Doggie Diva Dog Boutique Online, but there are three main reasons why surprising someone with a puppy for Christmas is not a great idea.  Why Canines Are Bad Surprise Gifts
  1. Personalities differ. A pooch that you connect with and think is perfect for someone in your life might make a great pet for you. However, the likelihood that the pooch is a match for the recipient is unlikely.
  2. Living restrictions. If you are giving a pup to someone who lives in an apartment, chances are they aren't allowed to keep pets at all and the doggie will be headed straight to another home or the local shelter. Even for someone who lives in a house, allergies and other issues may be at play that you are unaware of when you give the gift.
  3. Wrong age. Not everyone has the time and devotion to raise a puppy correctly, so it can be hard to gauge whether a full grown canine with a set personality is best or a puppy who is high energy and requires much training.

Furry Friends Make Great Gifts, Just Not Surprises

So, when is it a good idea to give a poochie as a gift? My suggestion would be to plan the adoption of a canine with the intended recipient, be it an adult or child. Not all Christmas gifts have to be surprises you can help them pick out a pooch and then pay for the adoption and first round of immunizations. Plus you can then stuff their stocking full of cute pet accessories and you know they'll be used!
Planning the adoption with the person who will get the furry friend is much more likely to end in a happy ending all around.

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