How Thick Do Pet Sweaters Really Need to Be to Keep Your Doggy Warm?

How Thick Do Pet Sweaters Really Need to Be to Keep Your Doggy Warm?

Dog Sweaters - How Heavy Do They Need to Be? Dog sweaters, there are some breeds that really could use an extra layer in the winter time. 

One of the reasons humans have to wear coats and use umbrellas is we can't naturally withstand cold very well. Lacking fur and layered body fat, we just aren't built for braving the cold without a coat. Huskies are well adapted to cold environments, as are wolves. These dogs thrive in cold environments, so they likely don't necessarily need a sweater when you head to the park. If it's cold enough that your husky does need a warm dog sweater, it's probably too cold to go for a walk!

Other breeds are not as adept at maintaining their body temperatures in cold climates. Think about the Chihuahua -- it originally comes from the warm climate of Mexico, where it needed to cool off rather than warm up, so it makes sense that a Chihuahua would feel cold and out of place in a snowstorm. Small and toy breeds of dogs can really use sweaters if it gets cold, along with short-haired dogs, especially warm and thick dog sweaters. Older dogs also benefit from the extra layers sweaters provide, since the immune systems of aged canines are weaker and they have a harder time staying warm. Doggie sweaters should be made of a thick material like yarn to ensure your dog stays cozy. The Chilly Dog Cable Knit Dog Sweater in Green ($29.95-36.95) is available in sizes XXS to XXXL, so check our sizing chart to see if this knit sweater can fit! Aside from green, we also have the cute knit sweaters in red, natural, pink, and gray. If you love to dress your canine up for the holidays and you want him to stay warm, the Chilly Dog Knit Christmas Elf Dog Sweater ($34.95-$36.95) is an excellent choice!

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