How dads and Their Dogs Have a Special Bond

How dads and Their Dogs Have a Special Bond

How dads and Their Dogs Have a Special Bond

You have read the accounts of how much Dads and their dogs have a special bon, right? John Grogan’s “Marley and Me,” John Steinbeck’s “Travels with Charley,” and Jack London’s “Call of the Wild” are only a few examples of ways men and their dogs communicate in mysterious ways! Ever wonder why that is?

Maybe here are some answers!
Dads without children A “doggie dad” is one that lets a dog into his life only to find out that the experience will be a 24/7 commitment just like a child would be. The importance of this one on one relationship is that the doggie dad can learn so much from his new furry best friend. For example, dogs are totally dependent upon their humans and they have a limited way to communicate their needs. These dogs of men without children become a guide to patience, care-giving, responsibility and ultimately unconditional love. What girl wouldn’t want to get to know a doggie dad to learn more about the potential for a serious relationship?

Dads with children and a dog
Dads who already have children and add a dog to the family are rich with parental experience that benefits both the family and the dog! The children have trained Dad in the art of patience, care-giving, etc. The dog on the other hand, is the benefactor of a nice doggie dad that will pay them a lot of attention and take them places. Why? Because the doggie dad often likes to get away and spend quiet time alone with his four-legged “child” that does not talk back! Then, there are the future dads and moms that get a dog as soon as they marry. What a rich training ground for both future parents! These dogs end up training the parents to share their responsibilities and commit to a common goal. Couples who take on this early role in marriage end up being pretty great parents. What dog wouldn’t jump at the chance to train a future Dad and Mom?

Dads who live alone
A dog is the best cure for loneliness with the instinct to be a “pack” animal that is social by nature. A dog dedicated to one person only means the canine will love, protect and care about that person as their sole purpose in life! Single dads and their dogs are often inseparable and the bond may be difficult to join. However, anyone who enters this Dad and Dog relationship will find themselves in the company of an already positive and caring connection. Who wouldn’t want to join a doggie dad and his tail-wagging partner for an adventurous and friendly
environment? How can all these lessons in love, care and affection come from a Dad and dog bond? Dogs have a unique way of working their way into a person’s heart and making them better. The Dad and dog link can also help identify what sort of parent that person is or will become. Will they be strict and unyielding? Or will they be understanding and fair? So, Happy Dad’s Day to all the fur-children fathers and thank you for being such a kind and loving individual that you attract even more interest and affection from the rest of us humans.

Give the Dads and their dogs a big hug today…you might learn a lot from this special bond! Read how Dads and their Dogs have a special bond that can teach all of us about love, care-giving and responsibility. Give a “doggie dad” a big hug today!

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Marley and Me, Life with the World’s worst Dog by John Grogan

Travels with Charley in Search of America by John Steinbeck

Call of the wild by Jack London

Shiloh is Found by Margaret Mobley

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