Get Your Dog Ready for Party - Pet Products to Help Keep Him Calm

Get Your Dog Ready for Party - Pet Products to Help Keep Him Calm
Big holiday celebrations are a great deal of fun (and stress) for humans, but they are mostly just stress and excitement for your pets. For instance, birthday parties are more fun than a litter of puppies when you prepare your doggie for the festivities to come.
The Fourth of July is one of the most well-known holidays for disturbing a dog's disposition, what with the fireworks both in the sky and in your front yard. But birthday parties can be stressful for your dog, too. Take a few steps before the partying begins, provide your canine with some comfortable conditions, and you will likely both have a much better holiday.

Tips for Dog Safety and Care

If you plan on hosting a rockin'  party, prepare your dog for the event a few hours beforehand. The precautions you need to take will depend on the disposition of your pet and the kind of party you will be throwing. For parties that will be loud and involve a lot of people your buddy doesn't know well, consider keeping him away from the festivities in a different room. You can stash his favorite dog beds with him for a little extra comfort -- if you don't have a bed picked out, the Burrow Dog Bed is a plush and soft place our Fido can curl up.
Need a chew toy to last more than one night? Check out the elk antlers for doggies. High-anxiety dogs may need a more serious solution, such as a sleeping pill -- ask your vet if this is a concern.
Think your pooch can handle the social aspect of the night? Consider using one of the many dog harnesses available on the market to keep him in check. The Rite-Fit Puppia Soft Harnesses ($22.95) are comfortable for your pooch, so even if he gets a little excited, you won't have to pull too hard to keep him in check. They come in red, sky blue, pink, green and black. The other style of Puppia Dog Harnesses ($19.95) are also a great choice (and come in even more colors!).

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