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Doggie Run with Kya for a Trip at Easter

Doggie Run with Kya for a Trip at Easter
My mom took me to the dog park this week to visit with my friends from all over the city. Here is whom I met and what I saw. 

Pookie and her Hot Pink Dog Blanket

Pookie, the standard poodle, was there with her mom looking absolutely gorgeous in her floral dog collar with a pretty lilac dog collar flower attached. Her mom spread out the neatest blanket I have ever seen on the ground and I curled up with Pookie, a small dog, for a little chat. That blanket was the softest and coziest “bankie” in the world! Pookie said it was called a Hot Pink Powder Puff Minkie Binkie Dog Blanket ($16.50-$23.50) from Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique. She looked beautiful sitting on that hot pink powder puff!

Yoki and her Animal Print Crate Pad liner

Next, we ran into Yoki, the Yorkie, with her mom and dad. Yoki is an older small dog who rides around in her dog stroller so she can sit up or lie down while enjoying the outdoors. Yoki’s stroller was lined with a Brown Leopard Plush Dog Carrier Liner/Crate Pad, ($18.50) also from Doggie-Diva. She was adorable plopped on top of the animal print liner while she peeped out at everyone who wanted to see what the stroller contained. Her mom said the crate pad/liner is also great for her pet carrier when they take trips and on her spot on the couch when they are home. Yoki said she is always happy to get out of the house and take rides with her parents, but she is also glad to get back home where she can sit with her mom on the sofa, curled up with her fur animal print liner.

Sissy Wants her own Soft Cozy Pet Fur Blanket

I made a decision when we left the park…I want a Large Brown Paisley Minkie Binkie Dog Blanket ($82.50) because at 36” x 58” it will fit perfectly on my sofa spot where I curl up on mom’s feet when she naps and where I watch TV with the family! Now get busy, mom! Go to the Doggie-Diva.com website and order me a blanket as an Easter present. Everyone told us how these soft, cozy pet fur blankets are easy to care for…just wash with same colors and lay flat to dry! Then the next time we go to the dog park, you can take my Blanket and spread it out so we can have a little picnic in the park, right? I will even share with Bubba! Remember, I am a small dog and need to stay warm. You can help!

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