Doggie Diva Views Dog Rescue in Hurricane Irene

Doggie Diva Views Dog Rescue in Hurricane Irene
LI Looks At Pooch Rescue
The hurricane this weekend was a crazy doggie rescue event. I had scheduled myself to work remotely from Long Island because of a family event I needed to attend. Long Island is where I am from and where most of my family lives. Little did I know in all my planning that Long Island was soon to be hit with one of the largest hurricanes to hit this area in a very, very long time. Hurricane or no hurricane, the back end of the online Doggie Diva canine boutique decided to pick up and go. I ended up setting up shop while bracing for the storm at the same time. I know, crazy, but since I was in and survived Hurricane Andrew without a scratch, I figured it would be OK, and luckily it was!
I am happy to announce that Long Island is still in one piece and so are the online boutique and myself. As of this Monday morning, we were fully up and running and open for business as usual. And thankfully, there was no damage to the boutique home base back in Pennsylvania. It was a rough storm with a lot of down trees and lots of loss of electricity, but in the end, people stayed safe. Damage here was minimal. Unfortunately, as of this afternoon, half of Long Island is powerless but the utility is working round the clock to restore everyone. Luckily we have a generator and so I can work, warm and safe, in my borrowed office without missing a beat.
When I finally got to a TV Monday, one of the first news reports I viewed was of a dog on a roof of a house, barking and stuck, pacing on the roof from side to side. My heart sank. Dog rescue was needed. From my recollection of breeds, he or she was a Golden Retriever and apparently he or she had been spooked from the thunder and his owner was out.   He had somehow climbed out a second story window and ended up stranded on the roof alone and awaiting help. The camera men panned the streets with their new cameras, looking for that dog rescue. It was pretty cool seeing all the neighbors cheering as the dog rescue crews got the dog to safety. Finally, they got the dog safely into the house, wagging his tail like he was the happiest dog in the world. Too bad our online pooch store for accessories doesn't sell a dog tee shirt that says 'Doggie Rescued'!
The worst part of the storm was being away from my great customers and not being able to help answer questions and process orders, and that is the honest truth. For 48 hours straight (it seemed like an eternity), I was tortured with no phone, no Internet and no cable. But you know what? It could have been worse, and it was for some people, so I am just grateful for being here today! Now let's get back to important stuff like finding adorable pet clothes for your dogs and cool items like designer strollers Kwigy Bo carriers, Doggles goggles, college dog clothes, and so much more! Please visit our online store for doggies. We specialize in exceptional customer service!

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