Dog Chew Toys and Bones That Keep Your Fur Partner Out of Trouble

Dog Chew Toys and Bones That Keep Your Fur Partner Out of Trouble

Use soft or indestructible chew toys and elk antler chews to save your furniture and clothes from dog chewing…

Dog trainers emphasize the need to distract your teething puppy and growing adult canine companion by giving them a chew toy or sturdy bone to satisfy their need to chew. Here are suggestions on great toys and elk antler bones to make your pup completely ignore your furniture legs, shoes, pillows and other valuable items in your home!

Tough chew toy that is even guaranteed by the manufacturer

The Hurly Eco-Friendly Dog Toy by West Paw Design has all the features of a ball, bone or stick rolled into one chewable toy! The patented Zogoflex material is so indestructible
that the manufacturer guarantees a one-time replacement, if your enthusiastic gnawer manages to destroy it! In three sizes, Mini, Small and Large ($9.50 to $13.00) and three bright colors, your little pup or Toy breed mix up to a large barky buddy can all appreciate this sturdy Hurley dog toy. Toss it like a ball or stick and teach your tail wagger how to catch and fetch. Or let them simply chew on it for awhile to meet their need to gnaw. We promise this is one unbreakable, unshreddable and unshakable tough toy that your doggie’s teeth cannot destroy! Now, isn’t that much better than losing a chair leg, expensive shoe or favorite pillow?

Soft, chewy dog toy that helps puppies shed those baby teeth

The Starbarks Pupkin Spice Latte Plush Dog Toy is the latest in Haute Diggity Dog’s
collection of parody dog toys that are not only unique, but also good for your pup’s teething needs. The soft exterior and plush interior stuffing is easy on the K9 jaws and teeth, with a squeaker inside to keep your ear flopper interested! While you are enjoying your own Pumpkin Latte, simply whip this stuffed toy out of your dog purse carrier and let your little sweetpea with a tail enjoy their latte also! Small is approximately 4 inches long and the regular size measures 7 inches long. ($10.50 to $12.50)

Other Haute Diggity styles include parody couture purses, shoes as well as other drink favorites, such as Arfsolut Vodka dog toy or a Dog Perignon bottle toy! When you give these one of a kind toys to your dog lover friends, you will quickly become their favorite buddy!

Antler chew bones that last and satisfy your dog’s chew instincts

Our Elk Antler Chews at Doggie Diva Dog Boutique are the largest collection you will find, and their popularity is well-deserved. Harvested from forest floors after the elk have shed them, our elk antlers range from Small for little puppies and small breed mixes up to
Mastiff for dogs that weigh over 60 lbs. ($7.95 to $68.95) The beauty of Elk Antler Chews is that they are tough enough to last for long-term dog chewing pleasure; they do not leave marks on the carpet and they have healthy elk antler “velvet” in the center.

Elk antlers do not shred and splinter like deer antlers. Our supply is also ecologically dried with no chemicals or compounds added to accelerate drying. The center of the elk antler, called “velvet” is the bone marrow that your doggie is trying to get to, and when they finally do, the health benefits have been documented by veterinary experts. The joint health benefits are measurable.

Since these elk antlers are so hard to use up quickly, we suggest that when your furry best friend’s jaws are tired from a daily chew session, simply pick up the antler and put in a secure place for the next day or a later chew time. Also, when the antler gets down to the size that your pooch may swallow it whole, it is best to discard it, rather than let them try to digest a chunk of the antler. Please take a look at our video that gives you all the how-tos and benefits of using Elk Antler chews over packaged chew bones!

Now that you know how to keep your four-pawed family member happy with many ways to chew on approved toys and antlers, you will be a lot happier when you have to leave them alone, or give them an enjoyable diversion and let your dog exercise their basic instinct for chewing!

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