Carry Precious Cargo in Dog Carriers and Purses

Carry Precious Cargo in Dog Carriers and Purses

Take our Canine With You in Dog Carriers and Purses

There is no need to leave your best fur buddy behind when you can take her along in dog carriers and purses. The Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique has the latest collection of Fall pet carriers and purses, so you can plan your next trip to the store, dinner or grand-mom’s house. 

Jaraden Dog Carriers ($169.50-$329.50)

We have a friend in town who takes her Italian Greyhound, FiGi, to work with her. The Jaraden Caramel Cambridge Dog Carrier ($159.50) is just right for a chic business look and to give FiGi a cozy place to rest while his mom works. He particularly likes the 5” thick pad that protects him and keeps him comfy. The padded shoulder strap helps his mom carry the purse when she has her arms full with other business gear. The large pocket on one side can hold an iPad or small laptop. The front zipper pockets hold FiGi’s treats and water. The Jaraden Cambridge carrier weighs only 3.6 lbs. in pleather and 3.4 lbs. in canvas fitting dogs up to 8 lbs. FiGi and his mom are happy with this new carrier arrangement. She bought the carrier after she decided to walk to work one day with FiGi on a leash. When she was not looking, FiGi scooted out an open office door. His mom retraced every step calling, whistling and begging FiGi to come back! When she arrived home (5 blocks away) she found little FiGi perched on the front door mat, snoozing away, without a care in the world. 

Kwigy-Bo Pet Purses ($119.95-$169.95)

FiFi, on the other hand, is a prissy Toy Poodle that loves to travel in her stylish Kwigy-Bo Alex Dog Carrier in Pink. ($159.95) FiFi’s mom does volunteer work, and FiFi helps her as a service dog when she attends library readings with children or visits the Senior Citizen’s home. FiFi’s pink carrier always gets a smile when she and her mom enter the room. FiFi can peek out from the side of her carrier, when her mom lifts the flaps. Inside and outside pockets hold FiFi’s food, water and leash. The small purse, like FiFi’s, works for doggies up to 5 lbs. The Kwigy-Bo Alex bag also comes in a larger size to hold pups up to 14 lbs. FiFi’s favorite trip is to the library for children’s reading time. She hops out of her pink purse and curls up next to the cutest kids who read to her. When FiFi visits the Senior home, she enjoys entertaining with her cute tricks. 

Petote Dog Carriers ($99.95-$389.95)

Connie, the Bichon Frise, likes to travel in her Petote Metro Couture Leather Dog Carrier in Toffee. ($349.95) Connie’s mom and dad take her along in this great looking leather carrier. The large carrier is best for Connie’s size (12 lbs.), but she has other friends who ride in the petite (less than 4 lbs.) and Small (up to 10 lbs.) when they all meet for lunch at the outdoor café. Connie goes to the golf course with her dad and rides around on the golf cart, while he plays 9 holes of golf. She has her treats, water, a towel and blanket in the pockets on both sides of the carrier. When Connie and her mom meet friends for lunch, Connie has to stay in the carrier, but she can peek out through the roll-up side window and the top of the carrier. Mostly, she likes to curl up on the faux fur mat and have sweet dreams while her mom visits with her lunch friends. 
You have no excuse for leaving your best friend behind when you have one of the classic designer dog carriers or purses from Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique. Airlines even approve these carriers. Now get out and get social, with your furry travelling companion.

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