When Pets Wear Dog Clothes For Fun and Protection

How to dress up your doggie in comfort with dog clothes

You may wonder how your dog feels about wearing dog clothes. Well, here are some reasons it is not only fun, but also functional to dress up your tail wagging partner. Just because dogs come with a coat and have ground-protecting paws, does not mean that they are totally self-contained in weather, environmental and external influences that may harm their bodies!

Weather Change Considerations for Pet Clothing

When you have the most adorable clothes for dogs, you may be tempted to take your furry dude or DIVA everywhere with some sort of dress, top or jersey that looks so cute. But beware, the temperature can change when you two are out and about, so be prepared to shed or add layers for your fur baby’s comfort. A knit sweater top with your favorite NFL team’s logo may be the coolest top for Fido to wear to the sports pub to watch the game. But, if the temp sneaks above 70 degrees indoors or out, be sure to take that sweater off your ear flopper! Conversely, if the temperature drops to a brisk chill, be prepared to add a sweater or doggie coat when you venture out into the cold!

The key to canine comfort is their fur length and size. Smaller and short-haired pooches require more external temperature awareness than big, furry K9 companions!

Environmental and External Factors that Require Puppy Protection

When you are on or near water, hiking through woods and trails or taking your pooch outside for a bathroom break in rain, sleet or snow, your four-legged partner will be much happier and active with the proper attire.
Water exposure on a boat or at the lake and beach, is an attraction for many breed mixes, but then, there are even more breed types that are not that fond of getting wet. A life vest or jacket is made for dogs with ergonomic design to keep them agile, buoyant and visible. Choose the right life saving jacket for your fur athlete’s size and shape and you will feel more secure with them while you are on or near water.

Neither rain nor sleet nor snow can keep your pup from needing an outdoor hygiene trip, so check out dog raincoat, warm jacket and sweater options to protect them from temperature and precipitation extremes! Also, boots for dogs are so well-designed to be lightweight and easy to stay on that your pooch will hardly complain about wearing shoes!

Hiking over rough terrain can cause harm to paws and fur when they
get pricked by briars and sticks. Paws can be scratched or cut when crossing over jagged edges. Eyes can be harmed by wind, debris and sun. Again, dog boots are great for foot and paw protection as well as traction on slick surfaces. K9 backpacks are such a great way to give your pup a chance to help carry their own supplies, as well as protect their fur from scratches and sticks.

In summer, a lightweight tee or tank is also a good buffer between your fur buddy’s skin
and all those biting critters, like mosquitoes and ticks! Sunglasses especially made for the canine face, nose and eyes shape will keep your precious partner from an eye injury or blindness.

However you choose to dress up your furry constant companion, there is no end to wardrobe change possibilities when you plan for all those fun times together. After all, you will be planning your own ensemble, so add your four-legged pal’s outfit to the strategy!