Vetinnary Eye Doctors Recommend Dog Glasses

Sun, wind and debris can harm K9 eyes...

If any of the following situations apply to your dog, then they can use sunglasses for dogs.
  • Does your pooch like to ride with their head sticking out the car window?
  • Do you take him or her on motorcycle rides?
  • Do your pups ride securely in the back of your pickup truck?
  • Does your pooch’s breed mix have sensitivity to bright light?
  • Do you take walks or hikes where your pup likes to run through rough brush?
  • Are you and your four-pawed partner beach buddies or snow ski bunnies?

If you answered yes to any of these situations, your tail wagger is a good candidate for dog sunglasses!

What to look for in glasses for dogs

  • Designed just for dogs with a deeper lens cup (because dogs have protruding eyes
  • Wide nose bridge (because dogs have a big nose)
  • Foam padding around the entire frame
  • Soft adjustable head and chin straps.

    At Doggie Diva Dog Boutique, we like to recommend Doggles eyewear products and dog sunglassesdesigns that are protected by three patents. Doggles dog glasses created these unique dog eyewear products to help dogs who need eye protection from the sun's harmful rays, flying debris, wind, rocks, or bugs. The deep lens cup keeps the lens away from the eye, preventing potentially dangerous rubbing or hitting of the eye. The lenses are shatterproof to protect from flying bugs, rocks, or other objects while riding in cars (head out the window), motorcycles, or properly secured in pickup trucks.

    Doggles dog glassware is worn by working dogs all over the world: K9 Units, Border Patrol dogs, Search and Rescue, are just some of them. Doggles dog glasses are recommended by Vet Ophthalmologists to protect their patients in all types of situations and after some types of eye surgery. Dogs need UV protection just as humans do, and if your dog is out and about with you, and you have your sunglasses on, your dog should be wearing dog sunglasses too!

    Your dog can't tell you his eyes hurt. Be proactive and help your dog help its own eyes.