Unique Dog Walking Accessories Are Available to Make Your Daily Walk Easier

Water, snacks and poop pick-up dog accessories are a must for those long walks...

Whether you and your fur baby take a short stroll around the block; a longer trek to the dog park; or a hike through new territory, the gear you take with you is just as important as your pooch’s collar, leash and harness! You probably take your own bottle of water, an energy bar and tissues, so why would you ignore your doggie’s walking needs? Of course, you would not, so here are unique accessories to keep your four-pawed walker happy and comfortable!

How long is your walk and where are you going?

When you leave the house for your pup’s morning walk, you may not be gone very long, but when you get the results you want from your pooch’s nature trip, you do not want to leave the evidence behind, do you? Sure, a plastic grocery bag will do for pick-up, tie-up and toss in a garbage can.

For a trip to the dog park, that includes sitting on a bench while your pup socializes, needs a bit more planning. A water bottle for both of you, a portable water bowl and little snack treats for your energized barky bud, will help them pace themselves during all the exercise they get with their park buddies. Again, a handy poop bag holder with disposable bags helps keep things compact. After all, a diaper bag is a must for babies and toddlers, so a dog purse or tote will help keep you organized with your dog.

On hikes to new or familiar trails, paths or woods, a doggie backpack can really be a
handy tool for you to let your pup share the load. Lightweight, ergonomic and pocket-rich backpacks for dogs make room for that water bottle, portable bowl, treats and poop bag holders!

A list of dog walking supplies

  • Bottled water
  • Portable water bowl
  • Snack treats
  • Poop pick-up bag holder
  • Paper towels or tissues
  • Hand wash disinfectant
  • Unique dog collars and leashes from Doggie Diva!

    When you and your dog enjoy the great outdoors together, the list is endless for almost any occasion. Just try to plan ahead and pack accordingly, so your little or big fur best friend does not get restless, fussy or too worn out!