The scent of Home and Familiar Surroundings is Important to Dogs

Why an Article of Clothing or Blanket With your scent makes your dog feel secure…

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All of us who have dogs have heard of or experienced our beloved fur baby getting “separation anxiety” when we leave them home alone! One of the best ways to control this pitiful behavior among canines is to give them a sense of familiarity with an article of our clothing, a favorite blanket or a plush toy they sleep or play with daily! Here are a few circumstances where it is a good idea to train your doggie to have something to comfort them, other than our loving presence.

When you kennel your dog while you are away

Maybe the first time you took your pup to a kennel to board while you travelled, you felt pangs of guilt for leaving them with strangers and other dogs. That is a natural reaction for a new doggie mom or dad, but you can help relieve your
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dog’s (and your) anxiety by giving them a “blankie,” one of your t-shirts or even your pillow case to keep with them in their kennel. While some larger boarding places will not guarantee the return of that object, if you use friendly persuasion, the personnel can be convinced that it will keep your pup calmer if they have a scent of home with them!

When your fur baby is a veteran at staying in a doggie hotel while you travel, a favorite chew toy, plush doll or chewed on blanket will be enough to let them know you have not forgotten them. As a bit of advice, it is probably not a good idea to leave them with their most precious soft faux fur blanket that both of you cherish, unless they are boarded in a private home.

When your dog travels with you to new surroundings

If the two of you are travelling together, then a plush, soft blanket in the carrier that you use, will keep your fuzzy buddy from becoming anxious as you move through crowds, concourses and terminals. When you arrive at your destination,
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whether a hotel or private home, the blanket will serve as a reminder that your dog’s own scent of home is always there for refuge in a new environment. A crate pad, blanket or bed will also help your precious four-pawed visitor understand where their personal space is.

While you are at work

When you leave home for the day at work, some pooches may require a crate to keep them from becoming destructive with separation anxiety. However, when your ear flopper is well-trained to your home and being alone, putting around their favorite toys, their blanket and having their “space” readily available for them to go to for rest and a nap, will be enough to keep them occupied for your 8 hour shift. If they are alone for more than 8 hours, hiring a dog walker or asking a friend to check on them is a better option than just leaving your pup alone all day!

When a canine becomes part of your household, it is a full-time responsibility that is not quite as demanding as a child…but important in the way you teach your fur pal to adjust to being alone. Just plan ahead and have familiar objects around your dog to give them that scent of you, home and security, so they know you will be back soon!