Small Dogs Feel Secure on Your Body With a Dog Sling or Backpack

 How to take your pooch along with a dog sling or backpack...

A small dog will feel extra secure when they ride next to or on your body. That is why backpacks and slings make the ideal carrier for your dog to ride along for trips to town, to the office, taking long walks or overnight travel. See the variety of ways to carry your barky buddy next to you!

 Backpacks for dog portability

 Any time you need to take your puppy love on an extended trip by car, plane or train, having a rolling carrier that can convert to a backpack is a huge help to you. After all, isn’t it nice to be hands-free or able to roll your fur baby along when you are moving through crowds, concourses and platforms? The rolling/backpack carriers come complete with a plush, lined interior, a curl up pad, an interior tether and extra pockets for storing basic necessities. Sized to fit pups up to 12 lbs., these rolling carriers fit easily underseat on planes and trains. The back seat or cargo area of your sedan or SUV is also a great place to have this convertible carrier to protect your doggie as you drive! Another feature, is that wheels are removable, so you can add the convertible straps to turn the carrier into a backpack.

 Slings to carry your dog at your side

 For all those quick trips shopping, meeting friends for lunch or taking your little puppy to the groomer, a sling is such a handy way to carry your small canine next to your body. The sling material can be canvas, faux fur or quilted and comes with a nicely lined plush interior! The straps are adjustable to accommodate hand, shoulder or cross-body carrying. Many slings have a cutout on the top, so your wee fur baby can rest his or her head as you walk! Slings are best for pups under 10 lbs. and will give your little wet-nosed buddy plenty of security, just riding along, next to your own warm body!

 Kennel style convertible dog carriers

 When a dog carrier has that kennel shape, your pup will adore peeking out both ends and the side to see everything that is going on around you. The handle is easy to use in picking up your prized pet as you move around stores, ticket counters and waiting areas. The detachable and adjustable shoulder strap allows you to carry your tail wagger cross-body to give your hands some freedom. The plush interior pad keeps doggies cozy, while the interior tether gives them stability as you move about the crowds. A kennel style carrier with a complete side zip is even more handy when you arrive at your destination, because your pooch can come and go as they please, returning to their plush kennel for rest and a nap!

 The variety of travel pet carriers is so nice to have when you and your four-pawed family member spend a lot of time on the road, visiting other people and spending the night away from home! You will love having so many options for assuring your doggie’s comfort and your ease in taking him or her with you!