Pets Can be Portable When You Have the Right Stroller

Take your young, recuperating or old pet along using a stroller for pets…

 strollers for dogsStrollers for dogs are helpful when you are carting a new puppy, an ailing dog or mature fur buddy with joint issues. The size and style is important for your fur baby’s comfort and ease of use is very important for you, the caretaker!

 Strollers for all sized pets

 A pet stroller that has wheels, an adjustable handle, a sturdy carriage body and a basket for storage is perfect for those times when you want to pack up your doggie for adventures. For example, suppose you want to take your new puppy to the pet store to buy supplies, food and accessories to make him or her feel at home. Simply pop the stroller out of your car trunk, raise it up on its wheels, place your pup in the carriage and put your purse on the handy rack below, then stroll casually around the store aisles. Or maybe you want to spend the morning in the park with your prized pooch, so place them in your stroller and have a leisurely stroll to the park to enjoy some fresh air, doggie exercise and a morning snack, with your pup, adult or mature fur baby beside you. Strollers can fit dogs up to 75 lbs., so choose the right size for your canine companion to ride comfortably.

 Joggers for small to medium dogs

 Jogging strollers are specifically designed with a front wheel that has a short turning radius. The suspension systems are meant to ride over sidewalk bumps and easily maneuver up and down curbs. The compartment comes with a drop-down screen protector, a padded bottom and surround vents so your fur buddy can see where you are going. If your friends are busy doing their daily jogs or walks with their newborns, join them with your sporty jogging stroller that holds your beloved pup! Many joggers also have a storage basket on the back, adjustable, padded handle and even cup holders for your water and energy drinks. The lighter weight strollers made for jogging collapse for easy storage. Small to medium canines are most comfortable in these fast-moving pet strollers.

 Convertible strollers

 A convertible stroller for pets is so versatile, that you will love having one for all the times your tail wagger joins you outside the home. Some convertible strollers have a bike attachment to convert the stroller to a trailer that hooks to your bike for easy riding behind you. Or choose a three-in-one carrier that has removable wheels to become a backpack or a car seat. These handy multiple use carrier/stroller/backpacks are made with interior padding, front and side vents and removable straps for hand or backpack style carrying.

 Dog carriers with wheels are such a convenient alternative to a purse carrier, kennel or dog stroller trailermaking your bigger breed mix walk all the time. New little fur babies up to ailing mature long-time fur partners will appreciate the chance to be rolled around, just so they can be with you, no matter where you go!