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How to Spoil Your Fur Baby with a Luxurious Dog Bed

When you want to give your royal four-pawed family member a bed that is like a throne…

crystal ice dog bed
So many of us have prima donnas and dons as our precious fur companions, it is good to know that there are many luxurious products for us to spoil them royally! One of the best ways to show our love for this prince or princess that occupies our lives is with a superior luxury dog bed. Here are suggestions on how to choose the right bed to fit your new puppy, champion show dog or prized furry best friend!

Where to place a luxury dog bed

When your pup is a Toy, Miniature or Small breed, the size of the plushest dog beds makes them more portable than a large bed would be. Therefore, if your fur buddy spends a lot of quality time with you while you read, watch the big screen or entertain guests, then placing their luxury dog bed in your main living area is a good place for your pooch to feel included, yet secure in their own space. A plush faux fur, shag or rosebud padded bed with surrounding bumpers is a good design to move from room to room.

Placing a larger bed in your sleeping area will give your doggie the benefit of having their own retreat, so they will not beg to hop onto
plush dog bed
your own bed. Fancy crib beds are perfect for the bedroom, as are ultra couture dog beds with padded stuffing surrounded by bumpers encrusted with sparkly crystals!

How to care for a plush dog bed

Most high-end dog beds either have a removable cover that zips off for hand washing or machine washing on gentle with tumble drying. Or spot cleaning for a bed frame that has a removable pad that can be washed. Dogs are considerate about not messing up their beds so keeping a luxury bed clean for your pup will not be as difficult as you may think., especially when your fur baby is mostly and indoor companion!

How to train your pooch to go to their special space

When you introduce a new bed to your pup, place a treat in the bed and set them down on the plush padding. Follow with a command “time for bed” or “Go
How To Spoil Your Fur Baby With A Luxurious Dog Bed
to bed” or some other phrase that suits you, as long as it is the same phrase that you use when placing them in their bed. Soon, they will go to their bed whenever they want to retreat or escape household activity or after exercising.

Sure, it is easy to let your doggie plop down wherever they wish and expect them to be comfortable. However, when you assign a special spot, space, sanctuary or retreat for them, they will quickly show their appreciation for your thoughtfulness by gravitating to that location, whenever they feel the need to rest!