How to Make a Walk with Your Dog a Pleasure for Both of You

The difference between using dog collars and harnesses…

One of the best benefits of having a dog partner is that they make us walk on a regular basis! Sure, it takes training for your pooch to learn how to walk with you properly on a leash. But, what is best for your dog, at any age, to make your walk a pleasure? Should you use a collar or a harness?

Dog Collars

All canines should have a collar to wear so you can place their ID tag and official vaccination tag on the D-ring. Also, collars for dogs come in such clever and cool varieties of prints, sports logos, colors, materials and sizes, that they are fun for you to pick out to add to your own pup’s neckwear wardrobe or give as gifts to dog lover friends and family!

 However, just using a collar for walking your fur baby can hurt their neck by irritating it from using the leash on the collar.
Collars make good pet wear accessories, but a dog harness is better for control, training and comfort!

Use a dog harness for many reasons

A new puppy will respond well to the tug of the harness that is designed to go on the shoulder and upper chest section. Because the harness is like a hug around the pooch’s neck and shoulders, they will stop quickly to see what you want.

When a larger dog pulls excessively, the “front-facing” harness style that slips over the head and fastens under their body at the chest gives you more leverage to stop the pulling. That way, you are not thrown off balance, and when you say “heel” your eager tail wagger will step back in harmony with you.

If your dog’s breed or mix has a shortened head (and consequently not much neck) then a harness is much better for their breathing, as well as comfort when walking on a leash. Pugs, Boxers and Bulldogs lead the list of these breeds.

If your dog’s breed mix is Toy or Small, their trachea can be prone to collapse, according to veterinary science. In this case, a harness is a much better choice for walking and control training, so they do not tend to choke or cough
when the harness is tugged or tightened.

Dogs that have a narrow head and thick neck, need a harness to help you keep them on a leash. Unfortunately, this canine body type can step backwards and escape their collar!

Harnesses give you more control, because you can maneuver them with ease and minimal effort

Aging doggies will love you more when you use a harness. With all the controlling pressure around the chest and back area, you can help them stand, climb and balance better, when their back legs are wobbly.

With all the harness designs on the market, you can find ergonomically designed (PetZip), control training (Horgan), and designer harnesses to give your ear flopper only the best in comfort and design. After all, dogs that wear harnesses can be just as stylish as those with collars only! In fact, harness designs often come with matching collars and leashes, sports insignia and a variety of colors and materials. Watch as your puppy-love gets a perk in their step when they lead the way out the door in their harness~