Have Dog Carrier, Can Travel Anywhere

How to keep your tail wagging partner with you by land, sea or air…

dog purse carrier When your furry family member weighs less than 12 to 15 lbs., a dog carrier will give you so many chances to take your beloved pet anywhere with you. The key to making your fur baby’s travels with you enjoyable is with the right dog carrier, plush interior and handy pockets, so both of you will feel secure as you move through crowds, work at your desk, make visits around town each day and travel by car, yacht or airplane.

 Dog carrier size, fit and function

 Dog carriers come in fairly consistent sizes to meet airline maximum underseat fit requirements. A small pet carrier typically measures in inches: 15 length x 6 width x 8 height for (up to 5-6 lbs. Large carrier approximate measurements are 17 length x 8 width x 11 height in inches for up to 14 lbs. Your pup needs to be able to stand up, without their head sticking out. They must be able to turn around, sit and lie down with ease. You really will not want your fur buddy to have to squeeze into a carrier that does not allow movement!

 Styles and materials differ enough to decide what functi

on you want the carrier to play in your pet’s life.  on the road. Choose from leather, quilted, twill. Faux fur or perforated canvas exterior materials, depending upon the following:

  • How often you use your pet carrier
  • What climate your pup will be exposed to
  • Using the carrier for long trips or short daily errands
  • How crowded your treks will be
  • What is the occasion…casual, dressy or travel related

The styles vary from luxurious faux fur slings, to couture purse carriers to kennel shaped to rolling travel carriers. The straps can be convertible, hand held, shoulder and cross-body for your choice of comfort in carrying your precious cargo.

 Accessories to keep Fido cozy

 A carrier for dogs is not complete without a cozy interior. Different linings such as satin, pet carrier accessoriesnylon and faux fur all need to be water proof and easy to spot clean. Removable pads in the carrier bottom give your pooch that extra cushion as you stride along with your fur buddy. An interior tether also keeps your pup steady as they ride along and bump around on your shoulder, in your hand or on your body.

 Things to carry for doggie and you

 Add a plush blanket or liner pad and your doggie will be happy to hang out in their carrier as long as you wish. Pockets in pet carriers are a convenience for both of you, since extra necessities, like waste bag holder, extra collar, a leash and harness, portable water bowl and snacks are always good to have on hand for walks in the park or a day spent with you at the office as well as longer trips.

 While dog carriers are meant for the smaller breed mixes, those of you who are fortunate enough to have such a petite four-pawed partner, you will certainly enjoy all the choices you have in carrying your pet with you, no matter where you go. If you happen to feel that there are so many choices, so little time, just call the staff at Doggie Diva Dog Boutique for personalized service from the pet carrier experts!