Dog Train Tips Using Dog Carriers

*** Training Tip: Buying a dog purse can be your key to training your new puppy or small dog breed. The benefits may surprise you!

Many think that raising a child is the most under-appreciated job in the world -- perhaps, but training and raising dogs may be even more difficult to accomplish! At least your kids can grow up and thank you later! This is why it is even more important to train a dog while it is still a puppy. Commands, rewards and discipline are essential for a dog to learn how to properly behave, but not everyone takes the time needed for consistent training.

While others are inconvenienced by a poorly trained dog, no one suffers more than the owner himself when a dog is out of control. Who has to clean up after the dog messes on the carpet again? Much like children, dogs will do whatever they think is natural at the moment. Dogs are pack animals, so they will challenge you for dominance when you first begin to train them, and you can't just give up during that process.

That's why buying a dog purse can help you train small dogs and puppies. With dog carriers, you can take your pet with you anywhere. This will allow you to emphasize commands and encourage social behavior in a positive way. There is so little time left at the end of the day to do anything, much less train your dog, so taking it with you on shopping sprees or errands can not only get your dog some outside attention and expose it to new things, but also gives additional bonding time with you.

There are a few dog purse options available for you to choose from if you decide to use this training method.

The first is the dog sling. This usually has an open top and is intended to sling across your shoulder and torso so that your dog rests on your opposite hip. The strap over your chest allows you to better control where the dog sling stays as you walk, plus your dog will get to be close to you if he gets nervous.

Buying a designer dog carrier is another option. Typically, these pet carriers are made to resemble designer handbags and are extremely fashionable. That means you will want to take your pet out in the dog purse, and you'll get additional training time. Designer dog bags often offer the option of zipping it up to completely enclose your dog, great for air travel and other times when your dog's head can't be poking out. Don't worry though -- he can still breath and you can zip open the side windows for your dog to see what's going on from the inside.

Whichever dog carriers you consider, remember to stick to your core training methods and make sure they are right for the type of dog you have. Not all dog breeds learn the same commands at the same pace, so doing a little research beforehand may help. Although the price of a couture dog carrier may be higher than you like, it is worth the investment if you have a small breed or want the extra time to be with your puppy.