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Dog Jewelry Adds Sparkle for Social Canines

Your dog can be unique among other party animals...

necklaces for dogsOf course, it is fun to dress up in your own special accessories to go with your outfit. So, add even more fun to festive events when you take your fur buddy along, by adding dog jewelry to their ensemble! Sure, a pretty fur coat may be all your pup needs, but add a bit of bling, sparkle and unique style with a necklace or custom-made collar and your furry date will be a show stopper!

Doggie necklaces
You already have collars and personalized tags for those collar D-rings, but add something more for a special event, like a beaded or pearl necklace. Just be sure the necklace is sized to fit your fur baby’s neck measurement. Use a tape measure and measure around their neck to get the proper inches. Add another inch to assure enough looseness to place your fingers under the necklace. Also, check that the necklace is strung on sturdy metal, nylon line or an elasticized material that will not be too tight. You don’t want your precious pup to accidently try to scratch off the necklace or get their nails hung in it!

Pretty beaded necklaces come with plastic beads made to look like gemstones such as blue topaz, pink tourmaline, citrine or pearls in luscious colors like aqua, chocolate, lavender and emerald! A claw fastener like on your own necklaces assures a secure closure.

Custom made dog collars
Exclusively at the Doggie Diva Dog Boutique, a personalized dog collar can be put personalized dog collarstogether to fit your pup’s style, personality and attitude! Simply choose your collar from a collection of croc, snakeskin, glitter or leather collars, then decide what 12 letters you wish to use for the sparkly, multi-color, rhinestone slides that spell out your pooch’s name, nickname or clever phrase. You can also choose from clever spacers to slide between words! Now how unique is that? The widths, lengths, styles and colors of collar choices give you a large variety of looks, so you may want to have more than one to fit your precious fur partner’s multiple wardrobe fashions!

When you pick out jewelry for your canine companion to wear, just be sure it fits comfortably around their neck, does not catch on their fur and is sturdy enough for repeated wear. After all, a doggie’s jewelry collection can be a family heirloom too!