Dog Hair Bows and Clips are Cute and Smart

How to lift fuzzy hair from your pooch’s eyes...

When dogs have a lot of brow and facial hair around their eyes, they may seem to be uncomfortable, just as you would be if your bangs were too long. The solution? Dog hair bows and clips are designed to grab a small tuft of hair over the bridge of the K9 nose and lift the hair up to fasten with a sturdy bow or barrette.

How to choose a dog hair clip
First, a cute bow, flower or glitzy design is great for making your pup adorable. But, more important is how the bow or clip fastens. An elastic band needs to be coated so it does not pull on your pup’s fur. A band that you wrap around your furry baby’s tuft of hair should be thin enough to wrap easily yet thick enough to stay put! Barrette style clips are good if they are flexible enough to spring on and off easily. Plus, be sure the clip does not pinch your little fur sweetpea’s head!

Hair bow and clip sizes go from tiny for little fuzzy cuties of 3 to 6 lbs. Larger bows and clips will look better on medium to larger sized long-haired barky buddies.

The look and style are the fun choices
Hair bows may be made in ribbon, with glitter edges. Or lace is a popular bow fabric in
many color choices. How about a silky white or black bow for a wedding or formal event? Or maybe a bright red and green bow with gold glitter on the edges for the holiday parties would be nice. Rhinestones in many colors often appear encrusted on pretty puppy barrettes. While a silk rosebud accent adorns a covered barrette style.

Groomers love to provide your doggie with hair accessories, but do not stop there. If your Poodle, Yorkie, Maltese, Bishon, or schnauzer breed or mix has that adorable hair flopping over their eyes, then take the opportunity to dude or doll up your sweet-faced canine companion to spread smiles, winks and head pats among your friends and family during holiday visits, special occasions and party times!