Dog Bandanas Add Flair to Your Pooch’s Accessories Collection

Why and how to choose a proper scarf bandana for dogs around your pup’s neck…

Most grooming salons will place a scarf around your pooch’s neck, so
they will look cute when you pick them up after a shampoo and blow dry! Well, you can also be instrumental in giving your fur baby just the right bandana for dogs that not only looks pretty or handsome on them, but also gives them a sense of pride and stature. Yes, dog bandanas signal that your doggie is friendly, important and a valued member of your family!

Why bandanas for dogs are useful

  • Colorful bandanas can help you see your pup better if they like to run through the brush.
  • A bandana spritzed with flea spray helps ward off those pesky bugs.
  • Some veterinarians recommend a calming pheromone spray on a bandana to keep your pooch stress free in tense situations.
  • A bandana on a dog can advertise a cause you care about.
  • “Adopt me” bandanas are often irresistible on pets wanting a forever home.
  • A bandana tied around your pet’s neck feels like their mommies picking them up as when they were puppies! Really? Well, maybe!
Bandana styles for dogs
The simple triangle bandana with long ends tied, is the classic version,
whether made by you or purchased in a store or online. This simplest of bandana forms looks cute on your fur buddy when turned so the triangle is on the back of their neck, especially if there is artwork or lettering on it. Turned to the side is another position for the triangle, giving your pooch that mischievous look. Or let the triangle hang from under the chin, which looks distinguished on tall K9 statures!

A bandana attached to a collar is a new look that is both clever and finished looking. You have the collar and D-ring for attaching your tail wagger’s leash with the added benefit of a tidy bandana that hangs either in the front or on the back of the neck.

Sizing and materials in Dog Bandanas
Sizes are measured in inches by length from end to end of tied points. Small can be up to 14 inches, and large up to 28 inches. The collar bandanas match the sizing in a dog collar usually from 6 inches to 24 inches in Small, Medium and Large.

The materials can be from fine designer cotton to nylon mesh to plain handkerchief or woven cloth. The collar bandanas are usually nylon woven mesh covered with ribbon for the collar section.

Whatever bandana you choose to adorn your doggie’s sweet neck, you will always get the attention of admiring passers-by whenever the two of you strut your style!JUst have fun getting your four-pawed partner duded and dolled up with message, holiday, sports logo and colorful bandanas and take lots of pictures to share your puppy-love's fashion sense!