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Dog Apparel for the Well-Dressed Fur Partner

How to choose the right clothes for dogs to fit the occasion…

Doggies are wearing dog clothes more than ever because there are so many cute, stylish and even protective outfits for them to put on their furry bodies.! Suggestions for when, why and where to clothe your canine partner include dolling up for special events, attending sports rallies, starring in a wedding or at a party and outfitting for any kind of weather and outdoor activity!

Fancy Dog DressSpecial Occasions for Doggie Dress Up
Of course, holidays, weddings, social events and trips to work are all reasons to give your puppy pal a wardrobe change. Sometimes a tee shirt is just right for attending a sports event watching party. Or maybe your popular pooch has been invited to a wedding or social event that requires a dress, dog jewelry, sparkle and flair. Not to worry… there are so many ways to add a doggie ensemble that will fit the occasion. There are dressy dresses, knit sweaters tees and tanks, gorgeous collar and leash combos and of course, pearls and bling in the form of a necklace, hair bow or clip! 

MinMax outfits

When you want to dude or doll up your four-pawed companion, at a minimum, turn to a matching collar and leash, plus harness ensemble. Add a bandana to a plain leash and collar for an understated classic look. For family gatherings, holiday parties, you can, at a maximum, go all out with a pretty dress, a sweater or dog tee dotted with gems and studs, plus a sparkly dog necklace of pearls with a charm or a pretty hair bow or clip topper on their forehead!

The key to special occasion dog dress-up is to not overdo the puppy attire. Pick one main wardrobe item, then add just one additional accessory and you will have the best dressed party dog in town!

Dog Exposure to Weather

Dog paws, ears, eyes and fur coat are just as susceptible to weather changes as in humans. Hot weather requires attention to your pup’s panting habits when they are getting overheated. Take water and a container with you on long walks. If you walk in the city on concrete, then dog shoes are wonderful protection for their paws to prevent burn from the concrete or asphalt. Dog shoes are also great for snow climates especially for older doggies who have trouble getting traction. A jersey with a hoodie is not only adorable on your precious fur baby, but helps to keep their body and ears warm. A doggie raincoat or dog jacket adds that important layer of protection from foul weather!

Whatever you do to protect yourself from the elements, stop and think about how those same conditions may affect your four-legged walking partner!

Outdoor Sporting Activities with Your Dog

If your fur partner is a hiker, biker or sporting enthusiast, that goes with you on your adventures., there are many ways to protect as well as enhance your pooch’s experience!

For hiking, there are great backpacks for dogs that allow your fur partner to assist in carrying his own necessities. For example, a water bottle, portable bowls, snacks and a towel will fit handily in the dog backpack pockets.
Boating and Swimming require dog life jackets or vests to keep your fur swimmer safe from fatigue, splashing waters and surprise current changes. A grab handle on the top, reflective strips, flotation lining and lightweight material make up the perfect life vest protection for dogs.

Doggie TracksuitWinter sports are always fun when there is plenty of ice or snow to enjoy playing with your dog. Dog shoes are a must because your pup’s paw exposure can turn to frozen quickly with extended outdoor time. Also, a dog jacket with fleece lining or a sweater that has sleeves, a hood or a turtleneck style will keep your pointy or floppy eared athlete warm and snuggly!

When Indoor Dogs go Outdoors

Small dogs love to travel outside just as much as larger ones, but when they are primarily kept indoors with air conditioning or heat, they may need some help acclimating to a walk and playtime in the outdoors. Just be aware of the temperature difference from in to outdoors and dress your pup accordingly. Is it snowing? Then put them in shoes and jacket or dog sweater. Is it raining? Add a raincoat with a hoodie to keep your pup dry. Is it broiling hot in the sun? Be sure you have water and a container to keep your pooch hydrated. When they start panting to extreme, they are getting dehydrated and can get heat exhaustion, often quicker than humans do.

Enjoy choosing all the right gear for your favorite tail wagger so they can be at your side no matter where you two go. From the dressiest of dog ensembles, to functional yet classic outerwear to accessories that have sparkle, flair or basic protection, your pooch will be forever grateful for your attention to their fur, paw, ear, eye and size requirements with all the perfect clothes!