Designer Dog Carriers, Rolling Bags, Slings and More; How Do You Choose?

Designer Dog Carriers, Rolling Bags, Slings, and More...

How to choose a dog carrier for you, you ask?

Among all the advantages of having a small dog as your partner, the best may be that you can take him with you everywhere using a carrier. Where you take your pup, how often you go together and your dog’s build will have everything to do with which type of bag you choose.

Where Do You Two Go? Walking your small breed can make him tire easily and you end up carrying him part of the way. When you have a carry bag, your little buddy will feel comfortable and protected, while you have a better way to transport him by hand, on your shoulder or cross body.

Choose the pet tote that fits the following criteria:
  • The interior has enough room for little one to stand up and turn around
  • The bottom has a removable comfort pad
  • The lining is pet friendly and easy to clean
  • There is an internal safety tether to hold him in place while you are in motion
  • The exterior is made from durable material
  • The carry handles are comfortable in your hand or on your shoulder and have a way to convert to cross body length
  • The top closure has easy open and close features with ventilation
  • Ventilation windows are included to give your pup plenty of air and allow him to peep out
  • Interior and exterior pockets are handy for packing puppy snacks, a toy, blanket and emergency supplies
How much weight can you comfortably carry for extended periods of time? The overall weight of the carrier plus your doggie should not exceed your comfort limit.

How Often Do You Go Together?
The long-term sturdiness of the dog purse carrier will determine the type of material and how much you spend on the pet bag. Does your precious pooch accompany you to work, trips on public transportation, riding in your car or in a cab and for air travel? Do you take your furry companion to social events such as restaurants, parties, bark in the park sport games, agility trials, show competitions or friends’ homes?

Material in carriers for dogs ranges from inexpensive plastic and poly blend materials to fine leather and suede. If your Doggie-love goes with you daily, weekly or for long trips, then the better material is going to last longer, be easier to care for and look good as part of your accessories.

Pet friendly materials that are man-made have improved to the point of giving your pet a perforated exterior with a lightweight load for you when your dog is inside. (See BK Atelier Pet Carrier Designs)

Leather pet carriers are sturdy and beautiful. Leather and suede can weigh more than other materials, so be sure the structure is soft enough for you to handle comfortably. (See Kwigy-Bo and Jaraden Designs)

Canvas bags for dogs are sturdy, lightweight and easy to clean. Pet carriers
made from cloth will require some stiffening material, but are designed for comfort and toting ease.

Faux fur, pet friendly leather, eco-friendly materials and quilted exterior material is a great way to save on cost while getting a reliable and durable temporary hide out for Fido.

What is Your Dog’s Shape and Size?
A portable doghouse is your small dog’s home away from home, so choose a design that fits not only your dog’s size, height, weight and coat, but also one that suits your own style.

Purse Style: A dog purse that looks like a designer handbag is a stylish way to take your pet along while hiding his presence. Toy breeds and small breeds such as Chihuahua, Miniature Poodle or Terrier breeds ride well in a purse carrier

Kennel Style: When you are on an airplane or anywhere your pet must go under the seat or on the floor, the kennel shaped pet bag is convenient for setting him down, while giving him the room he needs to turn around and to see out. (See Petote Designs)

Rolling Style: The rolling pet carrier that looks like your carry-on is roomy, versatile and convertible for you and your pet to walk in airports, malls, city streets and any place you need to go a distance carrying more than just your fur friend.

Sling Style: Carry your little fur baby with you in front or to your side to keep him cozy and warm using this soft style carrier. Toy, miniature and puppy canines will love being close to you as you make your way through crowds or carry him to the dog park.

You can have your sweet pal with you as often as you wish and be a fashionable pet owner at the same time. The color choices of pet carry bags include classic black, brown and tan; sassy silver, bronze and gold; trendy pink, aqua, red, blue, orange; and couture-like prints and patterns. Make a checklist of what you require for your pet: weight, height, coat length and breed characteristics. Then shop for the shape, material, comfort and safety features and usage that fits both your needs. When you give your constant companion a secure and cozy place to ride next to you, life with your tail wagging best friend will be even more enjoyable.