Accessorize your dog’s clothing wardrobe for safety as well as fun

Ways to add safety accessories and fashion to your pooch’s wardrobe…

Just like you, your precious fur partner needs a few accessories not only to perk up their wardrobe, but also for protection and safety! Here are a few suggestions for ways to keep your pup, adult or mature canine companion protected from sun and debris with dog sunglasses. We also include ways to spruce up their appearance with bling and pizzazz with jewelry for pets and hair bows or clips!

Protection for eyes
Put your pup in sunglasses that are specifically designed for the K9 face! Doggie eyes need protection from the UV rays of the sun, sand and debris in windy conditions and insects that may gravitate to their eyes. Dog sunglasses have large lens areas to cover the width of their faces; strap on frames to stay in place and a nose bridge that fits over the breadth of their muzzle. Eyeglasses for dogs are made by companies like Doggles, that have shatter proof lenses, are veterinary ophthalmologist approved and sized to fit 2 to 200 lbs. dog faces! When you are a boater, biker and hiker who takes your furry partner with you, these sunglasses for dogs will be perfect to help protect their precious eyes!

Dog Jewelry
Your pooch likes to wear a collar, so why not add a bit of bling with a pretty gemstone bead or pearl necklace, complete with rhinestone spacers and a dangling heart
pendant? Sizes Small to Large fit furry necks of 6 inches up to 12 inches.
Even more spectacular, you can get custom made collars that have your tail wagger’s name in rhinestone multi-color slides that spell out their name, nickname or other short phrase! Choose the collar size, style and material and add the letters plus spacers between words, as you wish! Note: These custom-made collars are exclusively available from the Doggie Diva Dog Boutique!

Dog Hair Bows and Clips
Long-haired doggies that have fur dangling in their eyes like to have a way to lift up
some of that hair! Sparkly hair bows made with ribbon or lace, glitter and secure fasteners make such a cute and practical way to give your pup that extra touch of character! Once you start looking through hair bow and hair clip collections, you will probably want a bunch of them to fit special occasions, holiday celebrations and just ‘cause reasons to keep your four-pawed partner on top of all the fashion trends!

When you accessorize your dog’s wardrobe, you may be surprised at how they know they are special as they strut a little taller and look around for admirers!