University of Kansas Dog Products

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Jayhawks fans include your dogs when they are wearing Kansas Sports Gear for Pets…

Welcome to the University of Kansas section at Doggie Diva, where you will find all of the latest and greatest in Kansas sports gear for pets! Big Jay and Baby Jay are not the only ones who can sport all the Jayhawks logo apparel! All of our University of Kansas products are officially NCAA licensed and come in a variety of styles, each displaying the official logo and/or official team KU Blue and KU Crimson colors.

How does your doggie spend a typical day when he or she is a University of Kansas sports booster? First they hop out of their handsome KU Blue plush doggie bed and head to the kitchen for food and water from the super cool pet food bowls that have Big Jay’s big emblem on the side! When the two of you are heading out for the morning walk, it may be cool enough to have the official Jayhawks blue fleece or sporty blue sweater with KU Crimson stripes for warmth. 

Back indoors at home or at the office with you, the choice of three jerseys makes your pet’s all day wardrobe fun to choose from, with two of the jerseys that can be personalized with Woofer’s or Woofie’s name! Of course, you will not be walking your precious pooch without the Jayhawks logo collar and leash. Add the pretty white bandana that displays Big Jay to turn heads while your true fur fan picks up smiles and head pats! When hanging out on weekends, the pretty blue Kansas tee shirt for dogs is another way to dress a fanatical KU fur dude or diva to watch the games! If you really want to encourage University of Kansas wins, then the adorable Cheerleader Dress is guaranteed to make your cheers louder with the pretty pleated skirt in blue an cardinal bouncing around on your pup! At day’s end your truly tired tail wagger will be more than ready to return to the best doggie bed in the world for a night of sweet Jayhawks dreams!