We know how much you love your designer and name brand purses, shoes and pillows, but you don’t want your pooch to love them so much, right? Well, at Doggie Diva we have the most adorable, snuggly and fun Plush Dog Toys you will find anywhere! Puppies, small breeds and even grown-up pets enjoy having soft pet toys to sleep with, toss around and bat along the floor. Does your new puppy miss her mom? Does your Toy, Miniature or Small breed dog need something to keep him company? Are you a fashionista who loves to give your pooch equally fun and snazzy playthings? We promise all the smiles, giggles and looks your tail-wagging best friend gets will be the start of many conversations, entertaining moments and photo ops to post. Puppies need to chew away those baby teeth, snuggle for security and have gentle toys to play with, so this designer spoof group of pet toys is one both of you will love to have!

Plush Dog Toys

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Pawda Bag Dog Toy Plush Toys
Pawda Bag Dog Toy
From $10.50
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Barkin Bag Plush Dog Toy Toys
Grrrona Beer Dog Toy Plush Toys
Grrrona Beer Dog Toy
From $10.50
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Furcedes Car Plush Dog Toy Toys
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Checker Chewy Vuiton Bone Dog Toy Plush Toys
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Johnnie Dogwalker Plush Dog Toy Toys
Your fur baby will snuggle right up to cuddly novelty dog toys … You will adore our Haute Diggity Dog collection of satirically named bags, purses, shoes and yes, even favorite drink bottles! Your fur baby will love these novelty dog toys with ultra plush materials that hide a squeaker inside. Play toss, catch, fetch and retrieve with your buddy or tuck this handy pet toy into your dog purse carrier to keep him or her entertained while you travel. Are your designer shoes a large attraction for your chewer? The Jimmy Chew and Manalo Barknik chew shoes will be a great way to give your doggie their own pair of playful scoots. Does your fur BFF go with you to shop, dine and to concerts? Match your favorite couture handbag with one for your pretty partner, in Chewy Vuitton, Pawda, Kate Spayed and Michael Klaws purse bag toys for dogs. Is your pup not interested in bringing you a beer from the refrigerator or cooler, but is right at your feet the minute you have a cold one? Give them what they want with a Dog Perignon Champagne, Grona Beer or Puptron Tequila plush bottle toy of his or her own! Sizes range from 3.5” to 6” to fit your pet’s soft toy requirements.