You love the touch of fur and softness when you get cozy, so give your sweetest fur friend the same luxury! Pet carrier liners are oh so cushy when you take your pet with you in his or her dog purse carrier. Your new puppy will adore snuggling up to a plush crate pad to remind him of his “Mum.” Your dog’s bed will be her sanctuary when you add a fur liner or pillow pad. Choose a color and texture that fits you and your precious fur buddy’s style or personality, then watch him or her head straight to the most luxurious spot around.

Luxury, Plush Fur Carrier Liners now at Doggie-Diva...

Whether your jacket or coat is faux or real mink, you may have noticed that your tail wagging sweet pea heads straight for it if you happen to throw it over a chair or on your bed! While that is a “no-No” fear not! You can give your pup a mink of his or her own, with the fabulous black or brown Mink Pet Pad! In one size, 12 x 16 inches, the glamour of faux mink is not lost on your woofer’s sensibilities. He or she will be happy to curl up in their carrier, crate or kennel as long as it is lined with one of these plush crate dog carrier liners. More “walk on the wild side” faux furs are also available in these liner pads for pups. A Black Zebra, Brown Leopard, Snow Leopard and Arctic Fox print is also part of the animal print collection for our furry pet liners! You will also love the Shag textured pads in black, pink or caramel colors that will give your puppy-love a soft and restful cover for curling up in a purse carrier, stroller, pet jogger, kennel or crate! Even your car’s back seat is a perfect place to throw one of these snuggly portable pads!

Easy to clean by machine washing with like colors and lying flat to air dry, these quality crate pads are meant to last and stay cushy for the long haul! In fact, you may want more than one of these liners so you can be sure that wherever you go with your precious partner there will be a royally soft place for him or her to call their own…whether on the road, in the office or cuddled up in your dog purse carrier!

Since we have a large selection of both blankets, crate pads and many other products to make traveling with your dog easier at the Doggie Diva Dog Boutique, we know you may have questions and we have answers to help you decide which ones are just right for you and your four-pawed best friend! As an online pet Boutique we are well known for our personalized customer service, so please feel free to contact us by phone, email or text so we can advise you on which products will fit you and your beloved pet perfectly! Our own family of staff doggies have tried, touched, sniffed and curled up on our fluffy blanket and pad collections, so you can truly say these popular liners are pet tested!