Adorable, Luxury Pet Purse Carriers at Doggie-Diva...

Designed with couture style in mind and ultimate pet comfort, the Roxy pet carrier by Petote is a great way to pack up and go with your small doggie-love. What is your favorite color? Turquoise to match your southwest flair? Or how about ruby red for eye-catching pizazz? Pretty in Pink is always a winner! Designer logo “noir dots” give that ultra sleek look. And basic black, of course, goes everywhere! Padded headrest, interior comfort and side zip entry  for your pet and stylish easy care exterior material for you, make the Roxy dog purse carrier the No. 1 bag you will reach for when you and your precious pooch want to head out for all the fun.

This is one distinguished and unique Petote design for a dog carrier that will be a hit when you add it to your wardrobe of purses. Reminiscent of the “hobo” style, the very easy to carry handles plus the touches of black trim on the exterior make the look of this pet bag one that will fool your friends into thinking you found it at the finest couture market!  Now how could your furry sweetpea possibly resist a “load up” command when you show him or her the faux fur padded pillow and headrest inside? With side vent mesh windows, the dual zipper function makes it easy for Woofy to step right in, turn around and curl up in luxurious comfort. The drop handles are just right for carrying on your arm or shoulder or in your hand.
Now let’s discuss which color is made for you! Turquoise is such a classic color to go with your bright and light warm weather outfits (not to mention your precious turquoise and silver jewelry pieces!) Then there is the always sexy red to add that punch of flash to a basic black or gray suit! Pink is oh so sweet, especially when you are carrying your little fur girly friend along for some shopping and dining fun. But, of course, there is always basic black, handsome khaki and noir dots logo Petote print to set off any of your wardrobe items and trendy good taste just like your fine handbags, satchels and briefcases! Let’s face it, you will not be able to resist having one or more of these ultra-sophisticated and reasonably priced doggie bags to add to your own or your pet’s purse collection! In the two sizes available, Small for wee fuzzy pals up to 8 lbs. and Large for Miniature breeds up to 12 lbs. you can be assured your pup will experience plenty of roomy comfort as he or she rides along on your shoulder.

 If you have been searching galore for just the right pet bag to take along your pampered pooch, then do not hesitate to call, email or text us with your questions about which one will be perfect for you and your doggie to use and enjoy! We are known for our personalized customer service because we use our own products for our beloved pets and want you to be satisfied with your choices!