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Holiday, relationship, Big Sister and Big Brother (perfect for baby showers gifts!) status, and so many more themes express your pooch’s mood of the day (or yours!) Our Personality Dog Bandanas for Pets are made from quality material, silk-screened, stylishly fringed and completely washable. Find the perfect color and size for your pet and enjoy the looks and comments you two will get when you take your fur best buddy out on the town!

Show off your doggie’s attitude and style with Pet Personality Bandanas...

Who’s your doggie and what’s your game? You can place one of our pet personality bandanas that has a quality silk-screened message and/or artwork that says it all around your pup’s neck. So take a look at all the commentary you and your furry best bud can make when you head out to meet your fans!

Is your girly fur fashionista one that craves drama and attention? Then the Girly collection of Fun Pet Bandana for Dogs includes pretty in pink bandanas that state she is a “Drama Queen,” a “Princess” or “High Maintenance” to let everyone know how pampered she is! Is your doggy dude a furry stud muffin? Then let him show his stuff with a scarf that advertises his love of the female K9 species, or is a “Prince,” or maybe he is needing to let everyone know he is a “Bully” even though he weighs only 8 lbs.! Family status is always a great way to let your fuzzy buddy show his or her rank as big or little brother or sister. Is your fur baby the proud companion for two mommies or two daddies? Well, your kid with a tail can let the world know how special they are! Also your pup is always going to get head pats and tummy rubs when they wear an I Love mommy or daddy bandana! (Oh yes, and don’t forget the I Love Grandma and Grandpa neckwear also!)  Special occasions call for special scarves for tail wagging participants. St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas, Chanukah, Easter, thanksgiving and other holidays have their own colorful pet neckwear statements!  And just for fun and giggles, place the “Bad Hair Day,” I’m not fat, just fluffy,” “I have issues” or “Spoiled Rotten” scarves on your barky buddy’s neck! If your pal with four paws is a working variety, then the “Security,” “Proud to Serve,” “Captain,” and “Rock Star” bandanas will be great uniforms! Are you an animal shelter or rescue organization’s best friend? Then do not miss out on having the “Adopt Me” bandana available for all your rescued friends who need a forever home! Whether your canine companion is a motorcycle partner or a lover of couch time, the “Rough Rider” and “Peace and Love” statements are ready for them to wear!

There are even more personality and attitude choices in our bandana selection, plus visit our personality tees section of Pets Clothing for matching tees with the same or different messages! At these prices, you will certainly want more than one pet scarf to enhance your woofer’s wardrobe, right? The quality of our bandana collection is so much nicer than you can pick up at a box store or make yourself, so rest assured that these classic pet neckwear materials are designed to last!

Personality Dog Bandanas

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