New York Jets Dog Products

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New York Jets Dog Products

The New York Jets Dog Products are now at Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique. Dog jerseys, dog apparel, dog clothing, dog bowls, collars, leashes and much more are available with Official NFL logo designs. Since once a Jet, always a Jet, be sure your fur partner is dressed for the occasion to game watch this season!

No way you can walk your fur fan in town if you are a Jets fan, unless you have the green and white team colors plus big JETS logo on his or her bandana and choice of three collars plus matching leashes! Is the traditional nylon mesh webbed collar dotted with the Jets logo and lettering your style? Or is a skinnier ribbon pet collar more suitable for your short haired breed? How about a fabulous collar made of football leather and stitching that has the NY gang green logo on each side of the seam marking? All collars have a matching leash choice. The Jets dog harness is so distinguished, we know you must have one of these for walks among other fans. Its well-balanced design has a D-ring on the back for ease of getting your pup to “heel” and the lightweight twill material has an underlayer of airy mesh for coolness. Dress up your fur buddy for game watching in a choice of three jerseys complete with the team player numbers 00, team name lettering and logo patches on the sleeves. Or choose one of the two Jets tee shirts for your fuzzy partner to hang out with you on lazy weekends. The NY Jets cheerleader dress is flouncy with green and white pleats in the skirt that add even more bounce to your four-pawed partner’s hops and struts. The classic football dog sweater that has a rounded neckline and is sleeveless with contrast stitching is ribbed acrylic and looks great on your woofer when the two of you attend parties. At home, be sure your prized fur athlete dines from his or her own place setting with a Jets food or water bowl in black stainless finish. You will appreciate the team green rubber strip around the base for bowl sturdiness. When it is time to exercise, train or entertain your ear flopping companion, use the plush football dog toy that has ropes on each end for playing catch, fetch, toss and tug. The field tug toy for dogs has the football field imprint along the strap and two goal post type loops on each end for even more tugging activities. The pebble grain dog football toy is perfect for a good game of catch and fetch when you two are outside during halftime.

Since your Jets New York team has not had a Super Bowl win since game III in 1968, you must be sure to get out all your own NFL logo gear as well as suit up your doggie to encourage a win for this century, too! WOOF!