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Your dog means a lot to you and you want to ensure they are spoiled and comfortable. Does your beloved companion is a luxury dog bed? At Doggie Diva, we offer comfy and luxurious dog beds that your dog will never want to move off of. From luxury fur beds to designer dog beds by dog bed designers like Hello Doggie and Susan Lanci, we try to bring you the best of the best when it comes to luxury and comfort, fur and fancy in the dog bed world! Here are a few features and benefits of our luxury/designer dog beds and custom-made dog beds.

Luxury Dog Beds

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Pretty in Pink Tent Dog Bed

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The Best Designer & Luxury Dog Beds for Pets

One of the best features of our luxury dog beds is that they are completely custom-made. You can choose from various patterns, shapes, and materials to ensure your dog will have the comfiest bed in the world. It may be even comfier than your own bed! We offer both small luxury dog beds and large luxury dog beds, so no matter what size your dog is, they can find a comfy bed that'll fit them perfectly. Because our luxury dog beds are custom-made, you can also be sure that your dog has a bed like no other.

Extremely Soft Dog Beds Hit The Mark

Another great feature of our luxury dog beds is that they are insanely soft. We offer different materials like super plush and faux fur among others. This material is extremely soft on their skin. Your dog will love just sinking right into their bed after playing with you or a long walk.

We Make It Easy to Manage

If you've never cared for something made of plush or faux fur before, you may be worried about how to maintain it. Luckily, we make it extremely easy to know how to maintain it. When you buy small luxury dog beds or large luxury dog beds from us, you'll also receive instructions on how to clean the bed. Each method is extremely easy, so you can be sure that you can keep the bed clean and long-lasting.

Outdoor Fabrics

Sometimes you want your dog to be able to lay outside with you, too. That's why our luxury dog beds also come with outdoor fabrics. These fabrics are safe to use outside and can be exposed to dirt and rain. When you spend time outside, you can be sure that your dog will be resting in comfort right beside you in their favorite designer bed. Washing these dogs is just as easy as our indoor designer dog beds. Just follow the provided instructions.

Try Our Luxury Dog Beds Today

If you want the best dog beds around, then you need to consider ours. Made of high-quality materials and with various shapes, you can be sure to find the designer dog bed that fits your pet the best. Check out what we have to offer at Doggie Diva today or prepare a custom order of your very own.

Treat your fur partner with a designer bed for dogs that are super plush, chic, and oh so soft

Forget about a bed with numbers, memory foam, or pillow top, when you have a luxury dog bed for your precious fur baby that is super plush in a round, rectangular or faux fur bed! From custom-made luxury pet beds where you can choose the top and bottom materials and designs to the super luxurious dog beds made of fur and other super-soft materials, your dog will love, our luxury pet beds for dogs. Custom-made high-end dog beds are in sizes from XS to XL to comfort the smallest to the largest of four-legged family members!

These Bessie and Barney custom-made dog beds are made with the highest quality luxury materials from plush to indoor/outdoor fabric and come with easy cleaning instructions. Hello Doggie designer dog beds, The Dog Squad luxury dog beds, etc...Or maybe an arctic fox plush fur dog bed is more the choice of your Toy, Miniature, or small breed partner, so the 20 x 24 x 5-inch bed will be a true favorite for your little snuggler as he or she goes straight for it, rather than your lap!

Whatever plush luxury dog bed you choose, you can ensure your dog will enjoy the spoils!

The Best Custom Made Luxury Pet Beds

If you want to give your dog a place of their own to rest, then you should consider purchasing luxury dog beds to truly give them the best dreams possible. At Doggie Diva, we go above and beyond to make sure your dog has the most comfortable and luxurious dog beds possible. Here's everything you need to know about our designer dog beds.

best luxury dog beds

Why Your Pet Needs Luxury Pet Beds

The best solution you can make is to give them their very own luxury dog beds. A few benefits of our luxury pet beds are:

  • - Reduced anxiety
  • - Better sleep
  • - Preserve your furniture
  • - Easy to clean

If your dog suffers from anxiety, then having their own luxurious dog beds may be exactly what they need. We have designer dog beds that completely encompass your dog when they lay in it. This provides a sense of security for them. They're surrounded by comfortable foam and soft fabric. Wrapped tightly in a protective shell, they can rest and sleep easier knowing that they are safe.

Even though our custom-made luxury pet beds are made from high-quality materials, they're also easy to clean. If you're worried about luxury dog beds being unable to be maintained, then you don't have to be. Our designer dog beds can simply be placed in the washing machine and cleaned normally. This ensures that your custom-made luxury pet beds last for several years.

Why You Should Choose Our Luxury Dog Beds

With plenty of other dog beds from which to choose, you may be unsure what makes ours any different. For one, we only use the best materials to create our luxury dog beds. We also offer different styles. No matter how your dog likes to rest, we have the bed that will fit them the best.

We also offer custom options, so you can always find the bed that will your dog's size

Find the pet bed that your pet will love the most!