Los Angeles Angels Dog Products

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Los Angeles Angels Dog Products

Los  Angeles Angels Dog Products are now at Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique. Dog jerseys, dog apparel, dog clothing, dog bowls, collars, leashes and much more are available with Official MLB logo designs. Put on your wings and rush to support your Angels by getting your fur buddy the Los Angeles Angels Dog Products!

It does not matter whether your precious yipper wears a halo or your big woofer’s horns peek out occasionally, the LA Angels wardrobe will make them look heavenly!  Dress your furry sports fans in the pretty red Dog Tee Shirt that lets everyone know your pooch is a true team player!  With contrast navy stitching and the proud Angels lettering and logo on the back, you will love how your angelic fur buddy struts in his or her official MLB shirt! The away game shirt for dogs is gray with the prominent lettering and logo displayed on the back, while the cool V-neck front and uniform detail give your pup a true athletic look! Two collars for Angels are available, one in ribbon on mesh webbing and the other in leather. The classy red LA dog collar is dotted with the halo “A” logo and has a matching leash that makes this neckwear for K9’s a wardrobe must-have! The leather dog collar is white with red chevron stitching just like a real baseball and has the prominent red “A” logo on it. Add the leather handled lead that matches and the two of you will be a Rodeo Drive style fashion statement! The “Halos” pet bandana is so smashing in red with the huge Angels logo and baseball emblem on it, that your fuzzy buddy will want to wear it everywhere! At home, there is nothing like a shiny stainless steel food and water bowl to get your hungry tail wagger to come running the minute the food hits the bowl! With a non-tip strip around the base, the bowl will hold 3 cups of food. For exercise and training, whip out the handy Rope Baseball Dog Toy and give it a squeak to see your woofer come running! The ropes on each end make this a good soft toy to teach manners with tugging and pulling games. Another good workout for toss, catch, fetch and retrieve is the Plush Bat Dog Toy. It, too, has a squeaker to perk up your pup’s ears so the games and training will be even more fun for both of you.

Since those Los Angeles A’s have not had a world Series Win since 2002, they are going to need all the help and support you and your furry BFF can lend them! So hurry to get behind your favorite MLB team and load up with canine baseball attire and gear so you can both dude up for game watching on the big screen, with friends or at the local sports pub!  While you are at it, take some cute photos of your four-pawed Angels fan and follow our Instagram instructions for uploading them to Doggie Diva. We love to see our furry customers in full baseball gear! WOOF!