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Tough and Indestructible Dog Toys

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Toppl Treat Dog Toy - Indestructible & Tough Dog Toys - 1

Toppl Treat Dog Toy

From $25.50
Qwizl Treat Dog Toy - Indestructible & Tough Dog Toys - 1

Qwizl Treat Dog Toy

From $25.50
Rumpus Chew Dog Toy - Indestructible & Tough Dog Toys - 1

Rumpus Chew Dog Toy

From $23.50
Tux Dog Toy - Indestructible & Tough Dog Toys - 1

Tux Dog Treat Toy

From $25.50
Your dreams have come true with durable and tough chew toys for dogs…Toys that taste, look and act like “prey” satisfy a dog’s basic instincts. At Doggie Diva, we have Indestructible Dog Toys that can hide treats, look interesting in bright colors and have flexible movements. Sturdy materials that are layered for toughness, flexible for stretching and eco-friendly as well as dishwasher safe make our durable chew toys ones that your doggie will demand, and you will appreciate!

Does your hungry fur bud beg food from your plate? Is your puppy fascinated by the shiny decoration on the Christmas tree? Has your chaser pulled you along on the leash to catch a squirrel? You can feed those instincts and have fun with your pooch using appropriate chew toys that will entertain them for hours. The Tizzi (formerly the Twiz) and the Tux toys by West Paw Design have a pouch to stuff treats in it. The eco-friendly Zisc, Jive and Bumi playthings in different shapes and sizes give you so many ways to tug, fetch, catch and leap with your four-legged workout partner. The Zogoflex materials of the West Paw Toys are beyond tough. We are talking Indestructible dog toys here people!

Moving on to the tough dog toys... the Ultimate Tuffy dog toys are made in multiple layers for toughness yet they are soft and gentle on K9 teeth. Whether your dog is a player, chewer or gnawer (or all three) these unbreakable, non-toxic and shred-free pet toys are just what you have been looking for all this time. You can get these bright and fun tough toys in sizes that fit your breed group’s needs. As with any object that fits into your pet’s mouth, getting the right size is key to protecting your furry companion. A toy that is too small is easy to swallow, so a larger size will be necessary for safety. An object that is too large can damage teeth and choke your active playmate, so a size smaller is in order.

Always use observation and play in a small space until your dog is used to the new trick or game you are teaching him or her. You can always give us a call, send an email or chat online at our store, when you need advice and have questions. Get these bouncy, buoyant and fun tough and indestructible dog toys for not only your own best fur pal, but also those of your friends and family!