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Easter Dog Products

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While you may call your fur baby “bunny” as an affectionate nickname, you certainly want them to be the hit of an Easter parade, party or event dressed out in their colorful spring outfits. Our “Happy Easter” dog bandanas, tees and sweatshirts are brightly screen-printed with the “Happy Easter’ wish and little egg designs. All the materials are quality and made to last, with gentle machine washing and tumble drying. Add the pretty beaded necklaces with a charm to the outfit and your fur dude or doll will be ready for all those photo ops. Pretty floral nylon or ribbon dog collars also have matching leashes, to really celebrate the season.

Instead of playing eggroll and hide the eggs games, use cute toys that are plush wit hidden squeakers to tease your fur buddy as the children play their Easter egg games. After all, our fuzzy family members enjoy the holiday and promise of warmer weather as much as we do! Dog's can celebrate Easter with us, stick a pair of funny bunny ears on them and let your pup join in all the dog Easter fun!