Dog Poop Bag Holders & Bag Refills

You have your doggie all decked out in his or her collar, leash and harness so you have all the dog walking accessories you need for a good long walk, right? Not necessarily! There is still the challenge of carrying treats and water. Plus, there is the extra responsibility of assuring that your furry sweetheart doesn’t leave any unwanted deposits behind on the ground! We have just the right solution for a messy job that is a must when taking walks in public places! Our Bon Ton Poop Bag Holders are perfect with their clever bone shaped change purse design.

Doggy Poop Bag Holders

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In black, silver or pink, these clip-on bag holders come with pick up bags to dispense and refills are also available. Your small four pawed prancer and you can quickly dispose of any waste, with a pull-open-swoop and toss of one of the handy waste bags in a jiffy! Clip the crystal embellished poop bag holder onto your pet’s leash or your belt and you will be ready to roll with a new important dog walking accessory! Be sure to also check out other dog walking gear with our collars, leashes, harnesses, bandanas, pet apparel and so much more!

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