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Eye protection for dogs is easy and comfortable with dog Sunglasses...

Welcome to our Sun-glass shop. Here you will find the always popular Doggles dog glasses and some other great pet shades in many shapes, colors, and sizes. Brands like Doggles, Doggles pet protective eyewear and others are fun, hip and useful. Perfect for shading your pet's sensitive eyes from sun, wind, pebbles, surf, and dust.

Doggles Dog Sunglasses

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Use protective eyewear when you take him boating, surfing or boarding and hanging his head out the window or riding on the back of your motorcycle! Or use dog sunglasses as fashion accessories or even for dress-up! Your pup will be sure to steal the show with a pair of these fabulous, super stylish pet glasses! Oh, my stars, who is that behind those ultra-cool shades? Is it a working dog from the military? Is it a movie star like “Lassie?” Or is it your own precious fur pal protecting his or her eyes from the elements and star power attention?

Our collection of Doggles Dog Sunglasses eye protection for dogs is just the thing your tail wagger needs for all kinds of reasons! Surely you don’t want your cute-faced baby pup getting damage from the sun or wind when you go to the beach, or even yachting with your glam friends! A trip to town for a brewski or a rodeo may be tough on Fido’s eyes while he rides on the back of your motorcycle or in your pickup truck. Then there are all the times you love to have your fuzzy buddy along on hikes and trails where the bugs and rocks buzz or kick up around your path. Plus, you look so cool in your Foster Grants, Raybans or Gucci shades, your four-pawed sidekick needs to be equally stylish! 
You will love the choices of colors for these fantastic ILS Doggles sunglasses because, at this unbelievably reasonable price, you can get more than one pair for any occasion! Sizes fit wee breeds and mix up to very large K9 companions, so no worries about having your fur BFF left out of fun in the sun!

The extra-deep cup lenses keep the eye protection where it belongs…not touching your sweetpea’s large (yet bulging) eyes! The strap and nose piece (for big sniffers) feels almost weightless on your fur baby’s head. Our dog sunglasses are Adjustable to make a perfect fit, the specially designed eyewear for pups is UV resistant and assures a safe, shatterproof ride on Woofie’s face! Now, just imagine your constant companion with pointy or floppy ears making the rounds with you, wearing his or her shades in high style and getting all the attention. Be ready for smiles, head pats and tail wags from all the people and other dogs who want to know who that celebrity with a tail is! In bright colors like shiny red, pink or blue; classic black in metallic or with racing flames; chrome, lilac or icy blue and walk on the wild side leopard or pink zebra, you and your doggie will be ready for anything. Off to the races, anyone?