Formal Dog Wedding Clothing & Accessories

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Has your precious fur baby been asked to be an attendant in a wedding? Or are you making sure your first love puppy is part of your own wedding ceremony? Do not forget to dress up, dude up and doll up this very important bridesmaid or groomsman with a tail! A dressy wedding dog collar with flowers or brightly colored stripes and matching leash fit the bill when your four-pawed attendant marches down the aisle with you or another attendant. Or put on one of our blingy sweater tops with gold or red beaded finish. A fluffy formal dog dress TuTu makes a bigger impression as your well-trained furry family member prances down the aisle. When your best fur bud is your best man, then a tuxedo dog tee shirt, black and white collar with a bow tie will look great in all the photos, not to mention how many big smiles they will get as your bride walks toward you! Add a beaded necklace with charm to your ear flopping maid of honor’s outfit.

One of the newest and fun trends in the dog lover world, is to have a doggie wedding for two furry best friends! Have you added a new pup to your family? Have you rescued a 2nd fur baby? A nice way to get your two new partners acquainted is to throw them a joining ceremony! Invite your friends with their pooches. Dress up your fur babies in a Tuxedo tee shirt or blingy dog party dresses or sweaters. Add dressy dog collars that come with a bow tie or flower or one of the dog necklaces that you will find right here at Doggie diva. Get one of your children, or a neighborhood buddy that loves your doggies to prepare a comical wedding ceremony and pronounce your two fur partners as a couple! Have homemade or small store-bought treats for reception food. Even more fun, order or make a two to three-tiered wedding cake of pumpkin or sweet potato and top it off with two doggie figurines. Have fun with this idea and be sure to include tee shirts, bandanas, fancy collars and leashes, along with plush toys as favors for your canine wedding guests! Take lots of pictures and be prepared to get plenty of “Likes” and Comments” once you have posted them!