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Dog Walks; Collars, Harnesses & Leashes

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Dog Collars, Leashes and Harnesses

The collection of walking gear for dogs is sturdy, stylish and secure with many choices in dog collars and harnesses, plus leashes. How many times have you bought a new pet collar at the big box store because the previous one just did not last? Or have you wondered why those same stores have a limited choice of materials, colors, matching leashes plus comfortable dog harnesses?? Well, you have come to the right place to get quality, durable and unique collars for dogs plus leashes in lengths, styles and colors that fit not only your collar choices, but also harnesses designed with your dog’s walking comfort in mind.

Enjoy trips and strolls  with your fur partner using our collars, leashes and harnesses walking gear...

The variety of walking gear in collars for pets in our Dog Collar Boutique will be a joy for you to browse and choose! Take a peek at how sparkly and famous your pup can look when we put together a personalized dog collar with customized name in rhinestone bling letters plus charms on your choice of collar finish, glitter or snake skin? Or how about a sporty look with a camo or animal print collar? Does your sassy paws partner like to be pretty in pink? Maybe your fur bud goes to work with you and likes a stripe or silk dotted collar look. At the Doggie Diva dog collar boutique, we have colors galore, so you can match your own outfits and change your fuzzy sidekick’s look at will! Oh yes, and do not forget how important the collar for pets hardware must be! With metal D-rings for leash attachment, adjustable bands and snap lock closures for easy on and off access, you will always feel secure with your pup’s lead attached to one of our collars!

Got a handsome one and want him to look dapper? Check out uber cool and chic dog bowties. Huge selection in lots of different colors and styles. Have a little (or big) beauty that would look adorable in florals? Is so then check out our really pretty dog collar flowers, sure to fancy up any dog collar. Dog bow ties and dog collar flowers are the perfect way to pretty up your pet and they look great for photos!

Here is one section of our site every dog owner can not live without... dog poop bags and poop bag holders. But here at the Doggie Diva dog boutique, we take picking up poop very seriously. We like to glam up the poop picking up process with adorable poop bag holders accented in rhinestones even!

In our dog leash section of the Dog Boutique, you will love the choice of leash styles, colors and fashionable prints that make you and your four-pawed partner stand out in any crowd! Our retractable leash styles are a favorite for puppies and adults, because the two of you can walk at leisure without getting tangled or pulling too much on your fur baby’s collar or harness! Traditional leashes with the sturdy material handle for you and hardware attachment for your pooch’s collar are even more fun to use when they have pretty colors, prints and designs!  Check the sizes for each style of leash to fit from Small to Medium pups and those that work best for larger trained walkers!
In the Dog Harness section of our Dog Collar Boutique, you will find an array of fun, Practical and soft harnesses in many shapes and sizes.  A harness for animals is such a good way to keep your doggie safe on a leash because it is so much more comfortable for them and easier for you to control!  Pick from the very innovative Horgan Dog Harness that comes in three sizes to help you train your doggie to stop pulling and stay right beside you to the fanciest of cotton, velvet and above all, colorful harnesses to fit your pet’s attitude. The Puppia line of ergonomic harnesses for dogs is also a perfect way to assure your pet’s supreme comfort in lightweight material with perfect fit adjustable closures. Sizes for our harnesses range from XS to XL to fit and adjust to any size dog. Each harness is made with utmost quality and easy care instructions, plus sturdy D-rings, fasteners and adjustable hardware for easy on and off access.

Our boutique staff are always happy to answer questions and provide help with the look you are after, as well as  sizing and materials you wish to buy so your doggie can put his or her head up high and prance by putting their best paw forward. When you take your precious fuzzy buddy into the big, wide world, be safe, be careful and above all…be a fashion maven!