Dog Steps for Bed

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Dog Steps for Bed can be necessary and also pretty at the same time! Veterinarians and trainers advise against letting your small or short-legged fur baby get into the habit of leaping anywhere, such as, in or out of the car, onto the bed, into your arms and from one spot to another, like a cat. Four-pawed canines are not built like the feline cousins they may want to imitate. The answer? Stairs and ramps for dogs make it so much safer for them to reach the higher spots they crave to sit or lie upon.

When it is dangerous for your small pooch, old fur partner or recovering puppy-love to be taking leaps from the ground to your couch, easy chair or bed, we have the perfect answer at Doggie Diva in luxurious pet stairs. Pet stairs can be 2 to 6 steps, just be sure that the frame is sturdy, preferably with foam or other stable padding. The step width is also important since your larger dog may need a wider step for his or her bigger paws. Skinny widths can be tippy or daunting for medium to large dogs, so a wide frame is preferable. The steps’ finish is also an important consideration, since you do not want your doggie to slip or slide backwards down the step as they try to climb!

Whether you choose a plush and luxurious set of indoor stairs like the ones at Doggie Diva made by Hello Doggie, or an outdoor set of steps to help your pup get into the cargo space of your SUV, it is truly worth getting a sturdy, non-slip, wide set of stairs that will enable your precious fur travel and snuggle buddy feel secure when they want to get off the ground!