Dog Pool Toys for Swimming

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Dog Pool Toys

For all the breeds that love the water, Dog Pool Toys make their favorite sport even more entertaining. Whether your dog simply jumps in the pool to get wet and swim around or begs you to play with him or her, these flexible dog water toys will be good for exercise and training. Our selection of pool toys at Doggie Diva are made from eco-friendly and durable materials that are safe for tossing, fetching, chewing and even stuffing with a treat.

Are you teaching your pup how to swim and get out of the pool? Does your adult canine head straight for water, no matter what time of year it is? Is agility and water sport training part of your doggie’s routine?

Read more about our collection of pool dog toys below.

Pooches that swim in pools love these fun and flexible dog water toys…

Choose from flexible, bouncy and buoyant dog water toys that are eco-friendly and have guaranteed durability. Made from Zogoflex materials, these colorful toys for pools come in sizes and shapes to keep your furry swimmer occupied and entertained. We also have the cutest and funniest line of Get Wet water toys in duck, frog and frog legs shapes! These dangly, floatable critters have a tennis ball center for throwing and buoyancy with neoprene limbs for grabbing and shaking. If you are entering your prized fur athlete in water trials, these are the tools you will love for training because they are colorful, flexible and keep your dog’s focus as a target to catch and retrieve. The duck and frog Get Wet toys are perfect for sporting dogs to train them for hunting season!

Since dogs are social and pack animals, they stay interested in toys and play when you participate with them. Besides giving your water-loving partner a chance to bond with you, it is good to use observation and supervision while your dog learns a new trick or game. You can always give us a call, send an email or chat online at our store, when you need advice and have questions. Get these entertaining water toys for your web-pawed swimmer and see how smart he or she will become with these great training tools.