Dog Life Jackets, Swimming & Boating

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Dog Life Jackets or Vest for Swimming and Boating

Outdoor sports that involve water are fun when you can take your best four-legged friend along. At Doggie Diva, we want your pet to be safe with Dog Life Jackets or vests while you are swimming and boating. Therefore, we have gathered quality dog life vests, jackets, preservers that have multiple features and they look adorable on your fur water buddy when you are at the shore, lake, pool or in the boat.

Does your doggie like the water but is not too sure about swimming in it? Is your older dog getting tired easily when he swims? Are you worried that your little dog will fall overboard?

Read more about our dog life jacket features below.

Enjoy swimming and boating with your fur athlete wearing a dog life jacket…

The dog life jackets or vest made by Doggles are made for all sized canines, with secure flotation materials, along with choices in distinctive prints and colors. Ergonomic design and fabric prevent chafing on your pooch when you are out on the boat all day. Some of these great pet life jackets even have an innovative attachable chin float to keep your pup’s nose out of the water. The trim has reflective color to assure high visibility and low profile grab handle plus D-rings for quick pick up and reaching for your swimming doggie. For those of you with a fur boating partner, we also have a boat ramp designed especially for four-legs when they need to get onto the boat either from the dock or from the water. Paws Aboard make a sturdy pet boat ladder/ramp that hooks onto the side of your boat to give your swimmer an easier way to come aboard!

Choose from our collection of dog life jackets and vests that are pretty in pink with polka dots or hearts, nautical with yachting symbols as the print pattern and designer styled with a couture print. Never have to worry again about your small, medium or large doggie when they are in or near the water. These Dog Life vests are perfect for training puppy swimmers; supporting adult water dogs and helping mature canines reserve their strength in the water. Take your tail-wagger with you on all those beautiful sunny days on the water and enjoy some quality time while the two of you go boating or swimming!