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Welcome to all things dog leashes for your furry partner! You will love the choice of leash styles, colors and fashionable prints that make you and your woofer stand out in any crowd! Do you need leashes in many colors to match your pup’s collar wardrobe? Is the leash you now have starting to look a little shabby? Does your fuzzy pal get excited every time he or she sees you pick up the leash? If stylishness, quality and durability in your dog’s leash is as important as in their food, bedding and accessories, then you have come to the right place!

Dog Leashes & Leads

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Squirt Dog Leash - Ribbon Dog Leashes - 1

Squirt Dog Leash

From $21.00
Lobsters Dog Leash - Ribbon Dog Leashes - 1

Lobsters Dog Leash

From $21.00
Sailboats Dog Leash - Ribbon Dog Leashes - 1

Sailboats Dog Leash

From $21.00
Starfish Dog Leash - Ribbon Dog Leashes - 1

Starfish Dog Leash

From $21.00
Jaws Dog Leash - Ribbon Dog Leashes - 1

Jaws Dog Leash

From $21.00
Chomp Dog Leash - Ribbon Dog Leashes - 1

Chomp Dog Leash

From $21.00
Cheetah Tan Dog Leash - Ribbon Dog Leashes - 1

Cheetah Tan Dog Leash

From $21.00
Dino Dog Leash - Ribbon Dog Leashes - 1

Dino Dog Leash

From $21.00
Swirly Dog Leash - Ribbon Dog Leashes - 1

Swirly Dog Leash

From $21.00
Ladybug Dog Leash - Ribbon Dog Leashes - 1

Ladybug Dog Leash

From $21.00

Designer Leather Dog Leashes

Our retractable leash styles are a favorite for puppies and adults, because the two of you can walk at leisure without getting tangled or pulling too much on your fur baby’s collar or harness! Check out this retractable style in plaid, animal, couture, designer and even British prints! Bet you don’t see these jazzy styles often. Of course, the ease of using the stop and release button, the case and the actual leash extension is critical to this type of leash, so rest assured, these ultra-fashionable leads meet our high quality standards for durability!

Traditional leashes with the sturdy material handle for you and hardware attachment for your pooch’s collar are even more fun to use when they have pretty colors, prints and designs! Our Puppia dog leashes match all the colors in our Puppia soft harnesses. The conservative dotted print and striped leashes look great with any collar or harness. Or floral and exotic prints may be more fitting to your tail wagging wild thing’s attitude! Check the sizes for each style of leash to fit from Small to Medium pups and those that work best for larger trained walkers! When you take your precious fuzzy buddy into the big, wide world, be safe, be careful and above all…be a fashionista!

A Lightweight and Colorful Leather Dog Leash Will Make Your Dog’s Trip A Breeze

Take your pup for a walk on the wild side, to work with you or to enjoy a rousing sports game at the local pub when you use one of our Ribbon Dog Leashes. Our print, solid and official sports ribbon leashes are made with a sturdy nylon mesh backing and sewn on printed ribbon that is so colorful and pretty that you will want more than one! The soft loop handle and metal clasp are designed for your walking comfort and your pup’s safety. Also, each ribbon dog leash can be paired with a matching dog harness and/or matching dog collar.